peace corps

Exposure 2.3.15

Tonight on the show, Daniel Rayzel takes the wheel as the new host of Exposure. He covers a tricky situation between the hammocking club and the arborists at MSU. Producer and previous host Quin Hoffman covers a developing student union, the peace corps. Quin also caught up with musician Joe Hertler before he left for his tour.

Exposure 3/19/13

Tonight on Exposure, host Abbie Newton chats with army veteran, MSU student and Truman scholarship finalist, Kent Dell. Impact’s Mary Hathaway reports on reactions to the new pope from the Vatican. Members of the Council of Graduate Students or COGS, discuss recent initiatives. Impact reporter Miguel Martinez reports on recent immigration legislation in Michigan. MSU Peace Corps representatives talk about their presence on campus and personal experiences volunteering. Lastly, MSU professor of Economics Charles Ballard explains the sequester. Read More…

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