The Bronx – Young Bloods

The Bronx (ironically based out of Los Angeles, California) are a five-piece American hardcore turned mariachi turned alt-punk band that has been destroying the underground hardcore and above ground Warped Tour scenes since their inception in 2002. The Bronx make the kind of high-energy rock that make you want to smash beers on your head and punch your father. Unless, of course, your listening to the band’s alter ego Mariachi El Bronx in which they channel their ire into the pep and festivity required of a great mariachi band. Be sure to check out The Bronx’s track “Young Bloods” off one of their four self-tilted albums below. Read More…

Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Wasilla, Alaska natives Portugal. The Man are back with their ninth studio album, and seeing as they’ve only been around for seven years, that’s pretty impressive. Bringing a new sound with each record, the new album Evil Friends did not seek to break this trend. The most experimental album yet, it may not stack up to the previous album In the Mountain In the Cloud, but it earns its own merit with a complicated mix of influences ranging from The Beatles to Caspian. Plus it was produced by DangerMouse, shouldn’t that be enough for you? Check out the song “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” below. Read More…

The Basement – 6/6/13

Thanks everyone for tuning in and thanks to Vandalay for coming in and hanging out tonight!

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Irrelephant – Matador/Mariachi

The Blue Effect – What She Said

Canada – Madisonville, KY

Ribbons of Song – Everything Happens Now

Vandalay – Something Else

Vandalay – Remember, Remember Read More…

I Was A Cub Scout – Echoes

British two-piece I Was A Cub Scout were only around for two years and only made one album, but left with us some awesome music. Equal parts post rock and synth pop, the band make loveable tunes that may not get stuck in your head, but will easily make you swoon. Check out the track “Echoes” off their only album I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope below. Read More…

The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man?

British rock outfit The Heavy provide a fresh take on alternative rock that really is a sound for sore ears. Mixing in elements of soul, folk, and even big band or swing music, their music spans the emotional spectrum. From ire to compassion and depression to optimism, The Heavy have a song for you. Check out the video for the song “What Makes A Good Man?” off their 2012 album The Glorious Dead below. Read More…

Flobots – Combat

Flobots can ride their bikes with no handlebars. We all know that. What many of us don’t know, however, is how great the group is beyond that song. Though perhaps a bit too politically charged for the casual listener, the lyrics are full of clever word play and insightful, hopeful messages (even an Arrested Development reference or two if you’re into that kind of thing). The instrumentation is full of creative rhythms, beautiful violin melodies, and some interesting time stylings. Despite the relative flop of their latest album, their first album Fight With Tools remains a staple of the rap rock genre. Check out the song “Combat” below. Read More…

Surfer Blood – I’m Not Ready

Straight out of West Palm Beach, Florida, Surfer Blood makes the kind of surf rock that’s not really considered surf rock. The upbeat, yet chilled out rock music that practically forces you to bob your head along has a way of getting inside your head and rocking you for the following few days. There really isn’t much out there quite like these guys, meaning their about to become one of your new favorite bands. Plus they’ve got a new album coming out next month, so that’s pretty cool. Check out the song “I’m Not Ready” off their latest EP Tarot Classics below. Read More…

The Basement – 5/30/13

Thanks all for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Pulp Culture – Cognitive Dissonance

Dogs In Winter – A Major Debt for a Minor Cause

The White Stripes – Ball and a Biscuit

The Rival – Chisel

Mike Vial – Reach Back Read More…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Under the Earth

New York City’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with their fourth full-length effort Mosquito. The highly anticipated album comes at a bit of a shock to a die-hard fan, as it acts as a compromise between the original, oddity-laden sound with the dance-pop style of It’s Blitz!, but without any of the energy. A generally slower album, Mosquito introduces many production elements into the mix, something that may not be new for the band, but has never been utilized like this. Check out their song “Under the Earth” off their album Mosquito out below. Read More…

Moving Mountains – Cover the Roots, Lower the Stems

New York’s Moving Mountains have been described as one of the most emotion-provoking bands in the general rock scene right now. With elements of post-rock, pop-punk, indie rock, and post-hardcore, the band have been able to take “mainstream” rock to some pretty cool places. Their music has often been compared to that of The Appleseed Cast or Vheissu-era Thrice. Check out the song “Cover the Roots, Lower the Stems” off their debut album Pneuma below. Read More…

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