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City Pulse 8/7/13

This week, host Berl Schwartz has Kathie Dunbar, an incumbent for the Lansing City Council, on to talk about the election primaries. Later, Berl discusses the same subject with Walt Sorg, columnist for the Lansing City Pulse. Bill Castanier, writer for City Pulse, is on to talk with author Ted McClelland about his new book “Nothin’ But Blue Skies.” City Pulse’s Allan Ross sits down with Mark Roebuck and Dan Currie, the founders of Mac’s Bar Monday Comedy Night, to talk about their standup careers, Michigan comedy, and Mac’s weekly comedy night. Finally, Allan speaks with Paul Wozniak and Erin Buitendrop about the Pulsar Awards and Lansing Theatre.


Melt Banana Live at Mac’s Bar

Last night was my first time seeing Melt Banana live.  Although fellow Asian Invasion co-host Danny and I had interviewed front-woman Yako about their current American tour, and had been listening to their music we really didn’t know what to expect.  Melt Banana’s studio albums are certainly not for everyone, but with a record of sharing the bill with such artists as Slipknot, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Le Tigre, and Tool, I was really interested to see what the live show would be like.

When I arrived at Mac’s Bar, the parking lot was packed and cars were spilling out into lots of surrounding businesses, or any sort of pavement that resembled a parking lot.  We took our spots near the front to get a good view of the band, but were completely unprepared for what was about to happen.

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Interview with MELT-BANANA on the Asian Invasion

Japanese punk/noise-rock/experimental band Melt Banana are currently on their 2011 Lost & Found: NekoNeko Tour in the US and Canada, they’ll be stopping right here in Lansing at Mac’s Bar on E. Michigan Avenue this Thursday, October 20.  The show is 18+ and Fisherking and the Plurals will be opening.

If you missed the interview with Yasuko Onuki aka Yako of Melt Banana on last night’s Asian Invasion, you can hear the whole thing here!


Elise Yoon:  WDBM East Lansing: You’re listening to the Asian Invasion, Elise here with Danny, and we’re talking with Yako, founding member of Melt Banana from Tokyo and they’re currently on the Lost and Found: NekoNeko Tour here in the US.   So, how’s the tour been going so far?

Yako Onuki:  Very well, so far we are doing very well

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Back to the Future, Ruckus vs. Mayhem

What an amazing opportunity for Back to the Future fans! HHour featured exclusive new music from Frontier Ruckus frontman Matthew Millia (aka Matt ‘Millians’). Millians took second place in our annual Holiday Haiku to Slam Poet Black Belt Scott Raven, of the Mayhem Poets, who ordered steak. The poets perform live at the MSU Union for free on December 10th at 9:00 pm, and Frontier Ruckus performs live at Mac’s December 10th, doors open at 9:00 pm.

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