kings go forth

The Impact Chats With… Kings Go Forth!

Nick Van Huis: Your sound has kind of a Motown feel to it, how does it feel to be in Detroit? Andy Noble: You know, the “Motown” thing gets tossed around a lot in interviews and stuff, and it’s not that it’s not true, but it’s just that 9 out of 10 times, my inspiration for the R&B or funk stuff comes from the people who were standing in the shadows of the Motown people, the ones who didn’t have a huge record deal or anything like that. A lot more of the mom and pop recorded groups were more of an influence on us. Motown was kind of fancy. But it’s a huge soul city, a ton of people I’m a fan of have created albums here, so it is exciting. I love Detroit, it’s great for records, it’s great for soul people in general. Read More…

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