Exposure 6.24.14

To celebrate the official start of summer, Station Manager Gabriela Saldivia takes over to highlight some of the best features of the year. We revisit stories such as Adventures with Batman, Feminism Across Race, an interview with Lansing Jazz group, the Peter Nelson Quartet and much more.

Additionally, Reporter Carmen Scruggs spoke to MSU Assistant Professor and Climatologist, Nathan Moore about the mysterious El Niño and what to expect from it this year.


Exposure 5/14/13

Tonight on the first half of the show, Exposure producer Gabriela Saldivia fills in for Abbie Newton with an environmental report regarding May being Bicycle to Work month. The groups in the area that promote this event such as the Be Spartan Green campaign, the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council and MSU Bikes came into the studio to chat about it. In the second half of the show, we hear form the Peter Nelson Quartet and the Roial Improv Players. Read More…


Tera Melos – New Chlorine

A band that could only come out of California, Tera Melos seems to enjoy confusing the crap out of their listeners. Jazz-based math rock with elements of electronic and house music thrown in, they’re actually considered to be innovators of the math rock scene. The rhythmic structure of each song can only be characterized as “chaotic.” Guitar-tapping, start-and-stop dynamics, and the extreme use of guitar pedals and effects make Tera Melos one of the most interesting bands to watch live. You can actually catch them this weekend when they open for TTNG at The Magic Stick. Check out the track “New Chlorine” off their tamest album to date: 2013’s X’ed Out below. Read More…

Exposure 2/26/13

Tonight on Exposure, Mike Brand and Bert Goldstein from the MSUFCU Institue for Arts & Creativity talk about new initiatives and upcoming performances at the Wharton Center. Director of the MSU’s RISE program Professor Lori Throp and MSU student Liz Brajevich chat about the worm project. Assistant Professor Ryan Clayton talks about MSU’s Comics Forum. And lastly, we hear from Peter Nelson Quartet, a jazz band with roots in Lansing. Read More…

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