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Jam of the Day: The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box

The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box is the latest released song (February 16) and sixth track from the band’s new album Strangers to Ourselves, scheduled for release on March 17. It is a funky and energetic song that forces you to match its rhythm with a bobbing head, tapping foot, or any other extremity you have. The Ground Walks’ full six-minutes strikes resemblance to the final 2 ½ minutes of Fly Trapped in a Jar from their 2007 release We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, one of my favorite songs of their previous two studio albums which explains my immediate attraction.

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Jam of the Day 2/26/15: “Got Old”

It’s been two years since The Babies gave us anything new, releasing in 2012 their album Our House on the Hill. Don’t get too excited just yet – The Babies’ members Kevin Morby and Cassie Ramone are still busy working on their solo careers; it doesn’t seem like there’s anything big on the horizon for them as a duo just yet. But the good news is, The Babies have planned to release two songs that were recorded for Our House on the Hill in an e-released album entitled Our House on the Hill: Outakes. Thus we have the first released song, “Got Old” featuring upbeat yet relaxed guitar riffs and Morby’s enchanting vocals. This song has got me hooked on The Babies; give it a listen.

Words by Hanna Kielar

Jam of the Day 2/25/15: “Ever Have a Little Faith?”

Belle and Sebastian just released their 9th album in 20 years, Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. While their last two or three albums have shifted to a more alternative sound, this disco-y album could be considered a dance record, with the exception of “Ever Have A Little Faith”” which has a very noticeably different sound than the rest of the songs. Sweet and folksy, both the encouraging lyrics and the bright chords bring a bit of warmth to these cold, bleak days that we’ve been having. Enjoy!

Words by Martha Kaser

Jam of the Day: “Begin Again”

Hailing from Edmonton of the Great White North, a little electronic duo – Megan James and Corin Roddick – under the guise “Purity Ring” dropped the critically-acclaimed album Shrines back in 2012. If you are anything like me, this album completely changed your life in every way possible. It was the go-to soundtrack for a party, a chill sesh with your friends, or a nice relaxing bonfire. The past two years have been pretty quiet for Purity Ring, and we’ve seen a lot of electronic wannabe duos attempt to mimic the sound they so perfectly crafted, but the real thing is back, and I couldn’t be more excited. Their second single “Begin Again” off of their sophomore album Another Eternity (set for release March 3) brings a much clearer sound to the table; the dark, menacing basslines that lurked throughout Shrines have all but been replaced with a much more ethereal atmosphere. It’s clear that Purity Ring has branched out and matured – but are we all willing to embrace the fact that we will never have another Shrines?

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Jam of the Day: “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross”

Michigan born and raised, singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens released the first single off his new album last Monday. The song “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” is the tenth track off the album, Carrie & Lowell, which is planned to be released on March 31. I am loving the return to Stevens’ more raw and acoustic roots. If the fact that this is Sufjan Stevens’ first solo studio album in five years isn’t enough to get you excited for the album’s drop, “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” definitely is. Running only two minutes and 40 seconds long it leaves you longing for more. Whether you’re an OG Sufjan Stevens fan or just looking for some new music to get you through these bone chilling winter days, it’s definitely worth the listen.

Words by Christine Toth

The Vibe 1/24

Tonight DJ CJax rejoins DJ Spenny on The Cultural Vibe after two long weeks away. Tune in to hear some great new music from Joey Bada$$ and others! Plus they’ll spin some jammin’ tracks from J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and much more!. Listen in for good times and the best music from the world of hip-hop, r&b, reggae, and other bumpin’ genres around. All this and more only tonight from 8pm-midnight on WDBM!

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SBTRKT – “New Dorp, New York”

London producer SBTRKT released “New Drop, New York” from his next album Wonder When We Land yesterday on BBC. The track borrows vocals from Ezra Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend. The single has a significantly different sound from his self-titled debut album and instrumental EP, Transitions. “New Drop, New York” has more of a pop aura about it that is likely to be better received by the general public. Don’t worry though – that deep dancey beat we expect from SBTRKT still lingers in the background of the song.

Words by Shelby Doyle

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Ghost Mice Split

I was introduced to the folk/punk duo Ghost Mice with their 2007 Andrew Jackson Jihad split album after spending months delving into AJJ’s extensive discography. Ghost Mice is made up of Chris Johnston and Hannah Jones both former members of pop/punk bands before switching to folk for more venue options when touring. Hannah switched from bass guitar to violin and thus the band was born. Johnston and Jones both have small, pretty, innocent voices which are strange to listen to as they talk about child molesting priests, but the juxtaposition of themes leads to a confusing calming yet infuriating mood after listening. Their split also includes a song about D&D called Critical Hit (which I had happened to listen to hours after playing my first bout of Dungeons and Dragons) and a happy song called Cementville about kid gangs and befriending enemies, not to mention their closing song named Please Quit Smoking, Mom.

Words by Eric Finkler

Grimes – Genesis

In 2010 Grimes hit the music scene by releasing her debut album Geidi Primes. Since then Claire Boucher or better known as Grimes has been hard at work producing her synthy pop/electronic music. Not only did Grimes kill it at Pitchfork this past weekend but she also showed off all of her hard work while winning over the crowd with her personality and voice. Grimes was the second to last performance of the night before Kendrick Lamar hit the stage. Her song Genesis was the last song of her set to win the crowd over. Not only does her music bring people of all varieties together but it also brought the people of Pitchfork together for one last time.

Words by Sami Leonardo
Photo by Eric White

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