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The Impact Chats With… Winston Audio!

Winston Audio recently stopped at Mac’s Bar on their tour with Death On Two Wheels (and, coincidentally, will be back in Pontiac at the Pike Room on April 29), and came into the Impact Studios to share some tunes and chat with Mike Weber.

Mike Weber: So, “Winston Audio”, how did you choose that name?Daniel DeWitt: The founding member, and namer of the band, who’s not with in the band anymore, he told me that his dog, Winston, really liked to change the stations on the radio. If he didn’t like a song, Winston would change the station on the radio. That’s it.

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The Impact Chats with… Rocky Votolato!

Recently, Rocky Votolato visited the great city of Lansing, MI while on tour in support of his most recent album, True Devotion. He stopped by the Impact studios to sit down with Jesse Wiza and talked about the album, his favorite places to play, and the resurgence of vinyl. Jesse Wiza: Is there a particular part of the country that you really like going to? Rocky Votolato: Well, I like the west coast, because it’s close to home. But yeah, just the whole west coast is really good for me. I’ve got good crowds over there and a lot of really excited fans. But yeah, I love going all over the country. I really like coming to Michigan, I’ve got some good friends here in town. Read More…

The Impact Chats With… Girls!

Impacter Brian Garcia got the chance to talk with Christopher Owens, lead singer of Girls before their show at the Magic Stick in Detroit, discussing the scene in San Francisco, the sound of their new album, and just why they call themselves something so generic. Impact: Was it a conscious effort to name the band and album something so generic you couldn’t find it if you searched Google? Christopher Owens: No, the two things were done probably a year apart from each other. Both times we weren’t really think of anything like that. We liked the name Girls for the band, and that’s the only reason we picked it. And Album, we didn’t have a title for the album. A lot of bands for their first album is self-titled of somehow the debut of, we just didn’t give it a title. Read More…

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