VIDEO PREMIERE: Cheap Girls – “Knock Me Over” (Live at WDBM)

Back in April, Cheap Girls came to the studio and performed a few songs for us. Here’s a track from their newest album, Famous Graves, which was released this past May. Be on the lookout for more in-studio Cheap Girls performances.

For more Cheap Girls:

“Guilty Pleasures” with Impact 89FM

Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong to Me” is my guilty pleasure of the week. This song is targeted to a much younger audience than myself and I don’t relate to its romanticized high school content. However, I always feel the need to sing it like I’ve just learned to drive and my braces have come off, among other teenage accomplishments.

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The Impact Chats With… Girls!

Impacter Brian Garcia got the chance to talk with Christopher Owens, lead singer of Girls before their show at the Magic Stick in Detroit, discussing the scene in San Francisco, the sound of their new album, and just why they call themselves something so generic. Impact: Was it a conscious effort to name the band and album something so generic you couldn’t find it if you searched Google? Christopher Owens: No, the two things were done probably a year apart from each other. Both times we weren’t really think of anything like that. We liked the name Girls for the band, and that’s the only reason we picked it. And Album, we didn’t have a title for the album. A lot of bands for their first album is self-titled of somehow the debut of, we just didn’t give it a title. Read More…

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