Frontier Ruckus

Exposure 12/27/11

A special Exposure episode dedicated to Michigan’s contemporary folk music scene. You will hear from bands like Frontier Ruckus,Chris BathgateSeth and May, and Gifts or Creatures. You will also learn about music collectives including Earthwork and Bigger Brush Media.

Exposure 11/1/11

This week on Impact Exposure get your local music fix. Hear interviews and features with Michigan artist Frontier Ruckus, Chris Bathgate and the Rainbow Seekers, of Joe Hertler and the Rainbow seekers. Also, MSU professor John Waller talks about his research on the dancing plague and Emanuele Berry shares a feature on ballroom dancing at MSU.

Impact Presents Frontier Ruckus @ The Loft

The Impact will be presenting the Frontier Ruckus show at the Loft in downtown Lansing Saturday night! Doors open at 8:00 PM and if you find someone with an Impact shirt, say “WDBM” to get a prize while supplies last!

Get your tickets at Fusion Shows or at the door, but this show is likely to sell out!

We’ll see you there!

Top Songs of 2010


Hopefully you had the chance to listen to the countdown on NYE/Day, but in case you missed it, here is the definitive list of the top 89 songs of 2010 as chosen by our DJs and staff!

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Top Albums of 2010 – Nick Van Huis

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff. Today, we check in with Nick Van Huis.  In addition to co-hosting The Progressive Torch and Twang on Tuesdays from 8pm-midnight, Nick helps manage the music review team.

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

No album that featured vaguely African guitars or close knit vocal harmonies (trust me there were plenty to come out this year) mesmerized me more than Local Natives’ debut album Gorilla Manor.  Engaging you from the beginning, there are no sleepers on this album.  Gorilla Manor, named after the house that the band members shared, sounds just like that: a band who knows each others’ ins and outs.  Though the band features three songwriters, the album works as one cohesive unit shifting seamlessly from the epic blues stomp of “Sun Hands” to the instrospective “Airplanes”, and from the folk rock rambler “World News” to the epic indie pop of “Who Knows, Who Cares”.

See also my interview with Local Natives here.

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Top Albums of 2010 – Autumn Maison

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff. Today, we take a look at the favorites of our music director, Autumn Maison.
This year, I was listening to music for two!  In August, I had a baby, and so that kind of changed my perception of music.  Emotional preggo hormones made music more enjoyable, and having a son makes it more fun to dance like a fool and sing really stupidly. I am an entertainer now!  Basically, a lot of my reviews are going to mention him or being pregnant, and now you have context.

1.    The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt (Dead Oceans)
Easy choice. Hands down, my favorite album that was released this year. I think this strays so far from what I normally consider appealing that once I heard it, I just fell in love with it.  The Wild Hunt is really simple musically, and so it was a great album to get crazy-emotional-hormone-crying over.  A lot of the criticism I hear regarding this album is that “Dylan did it so much better”, and while I’m not refuting the similarities, I think that The Wild Hunt is fantastic in its own regard.

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Back to the Future, Ruckus vs. Mayhem

What an amazing opportunity for Back to the Future fans! HHour featured exclusive new music from Frontier Ruckus frontman Matthew Millia (aka Matt ‘Millians’). Millians took second place in our annual Holiday Haiku to Slam Poet Black Belt Scott Raven, of the Mayhem Poets, who ordered steak. The poets perform live at the MSU Union for free on December 10th at 9:00 pm, and Frontier Ruckus performs live at Mac’s December 10th, doors open at 9:00 pm.

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