Midterm Election Wrap Up

By Aaron Martinez

This past Tuesday, voters lent their voices to deciding who should be elected to public offices in Michigan and around the country. In the days leading up to the election, pollsters around the country had virtually every state-level race in Michigan marked as a statistical dead heat. However once voters got to the booths on Election Day, the margins of victory proved to be much larger than anticipated. Read More…

Exposure 7.29.14

Next Tuesday August 5th, the Michigan Primary election will decide the fate of Proposal 1. A personal property tax restructuring that may be more complex than it seems. MLive Reporter Fritz Klug has been covering this topic for weeks (Find his informative video here.) and joins host Steven Rich in the studio to help breakdown the proposed changed.

MSU Journalism student Nicole Igwe, a native of Nigeria, gives an in depth look at the conflicts surrounding Boko Haram and how she sees the US perspective of the conflict.

Deanna Hurlbert, the Director of the MSU LGBT Resource Center talks about the recent million dollar donation and the future of her facility.

And finally, Dan Bollman gives up a construction update for the MSU campus.

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