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Gogol Bordello: April 21, 2010 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre

Jimmy Malkin opened up the concert with a powerful performance by dancing much like Thom Yorke and dressing much like Jack White. However, the crowd was obviously Gogol loyalists and only displayed meager enthusiasm before the second act Devotchka revved up the crowd to a slow hopping jaunt as they swayed to the haunting howls and chanting vocals of Nick Urata who seemed to make the audience inhale and exhale on command as he would lean back and forth on the microphone. The group combines a mixture of Eastern European traditional folk songs with the theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, trumpet, violin, bass and percussion to produce a sound that is all unique and still projects the attitude that is so uniquely gypsy punk. The highlight of Devotchka’s act came from two lovely young ladies who did scarf acrobatics during one of the band’s longer instrumental pieces. I had a chance to meet these young women after the concert who say they have always looked forward to working with such high energy acts after graduating from Boulder Circus School (I had inquired where I could learn how to do that.) Read More…

Free Energy on Thursday!

If you’re looking for something to do this week, Free Energy will be playing a show at the Majestic Cafe in Detroit on Thursday. The Impact will be there, so we’ll have a rundown of the show and some pictures to share.
We also caught up with them at SXSW last month, so you can get to know them a little bit better before checking out the show!

The Impact Presents… The Apples in Stereo!

So, the Impact is presenting The Apples in Stereo @ The Pike Room in Pontiac on April 28th! We’re giving away a bunch of fun stuff, including tickets to the show and copies of their latest album, Travellers in Space and Time. We’ll also be taping the show at the venue, so we’ll have awesome video on our YouTube channel before you know it!

Let us know if you see these posters hanging around Lansing, and come hang out with the Impact at the show!

In Pictures: Dum Dum Girls + Girls: 4.10.10

As you possibly gathered through our interview posted earlier today, Brian and I traveled to Detroit this past weekend to check out Dum Dum Girls and Girls at their stop at the Magic Stick.

Dum Dum Girls
are one of the latest groups to sign to Sub Pop Records, and their debut I Will Be fits in rather seamlessly with the rest of the label’s catalogue. The noisy-yet-melodic songs on the record transferred effortlessly to their incredible live performance, blending a generous amount of distortion on their guitars with a perfect amount of reverb on their vocals (and mixing in a lot of leggings and gorgeous hair and makeup). You can request Jail La La, the first single off the album, to your Impact DJs! Read More…
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