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Exposure 09.30.14

This week we celebrated college radio day and dove into the vast world of college radio.

MSU Campus Radio alums Scott Westerman, Exective Director of the MSU Alumni Association and Steve Schram, Director of Michigan Radio, helped us explore Impact’s history and talked about what the future of college radio holds.

Doug Blake of Pirate! Promotions showed us a different side of the college radio industry.

We also took a look at another excellent college radio station, University of Minnesota’s Radio K, speaking with Music Director Ross Koeberl.

And to close the show, Impact Station Manager Ed Glazer sat down with Steven to talk about new direction and goals at Impact89FM.

Don’t forget! This Friday (Oct. 3rd), Impact will be airing an hour long celebration of all things college radio at 1pm.

College Radio: Still relevant today?

How is college radio remaining relevant?

We share playlists on Spotify. We stream albums from Pitchfork. We create our own stations on Pandora. With all these new ways to discover new music, is college radio still a relevant medium?

Turns out some college stations are fighting to stay ahead of the curve and continue to lead the music industry in innovation. In this piece our Music Director Jesse Wiza talks with Thor Slaughter of KWVA, Erin Ginty of EMI Records, and Bryan VanGelder of CBS Interactive Music Group to find out what’s going on left of the dial.

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