Circa Survive

VIDEO PREMIERE: Circa Survive Interview @ Common Ground

We were so excited when we heard that we would have the chance to sit down with Circa Survive. In the video, Anthony Green and company talk about what they wanted out of their band and much more.

For more Circa Survive:

Pity Party Playlist – 7/9/14

Pity Party Playlist – 7/9/14

Jimmy Eat World – Believe In What You Want

Texas Is The Reason – The Magic Bullet Theory

Nai Harvest – Floor

Circa Survive – Suitcase

Braid – East End Hollows

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Pity Party Playlist – 7/2/2014

Pity Party Playlist – 7/2/2014 

Wow what a lovely night. Thanks to everyone who listened and called, and congrats to our Common Ground ticket winner! Here’s what you cried to tonight:

You Blew It! – There’s Nothing I Love More Than Baseball

Spraynard – I Care Not

Dikembe – Healer of the Pride

Wayne Szalinski – A Study In Perspective

The Front Bottoms – The Beers

Mates of State – Proofs

Flashlights – Sometimes It’s Hard to Speak

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Hail the Sun – Testostyrannosaurus

A shining light in the dim world of post-hardcore, Hail the Sun makes us remember why we got into the genre in the first place. Like a cross between Circa Survive and The Fall of Troy, Hail the Sun make the kind of heavy, yet catchy tunes that Pitchfork wouldn’t dare even cover. Delicate guitar lines are pounded by the quick, pulsating rhythms until they shatter into a mess of off-kilter pop-punk-esque romps. Let’s just hope Hail the Sun marks the comeback of a once-great genre turned ridiculous. Check out the track “Testostyrannosaurus” off their 2012 EP Elephantitis below. Read More…

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