Afterglow 7/8/2012

Live from the Impact studio, it’s time for another night chillin with the Afterglow. I spent the last couple weekends out of town, so it’s good to be back on the air for ya’. I’m posting the playlist live as I go, check it out below!

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Afterglow 5/27/2012

Rocking a robe and sandals in the studio. Feeling alright. A wonderful summer night, a holiday weekend, what more could we ask for? Kick back in the chair on the porch and put your speakers in the window. I’ve got a great show lined up for tonight.

Playlist up live after the jump.

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Afterglow 5/20/2012

This summer week has been so… hazy. It’s hot, the sun beats down, and all you wanna do is lay in the grass in the shade and stare at the leaves rustling in branches.

Chill out and ride the wave, man (or woman). It’s time to sit back for this week’s Afterglow. Check out the playlist going up live below.

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Afterglow 5/13/2012

Mmm, the mighty fresh scent of an Afterglow on a summer evening. The days are getting longer and longer, and maybe soon I’ll get to play out the sunset. Sounds like a good time to me.

My playlist tonight is going up live below! On ’til midnight with the best chillout tracks you’ll find anywhere.

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Afterglow 5/6/2012

Here’s something a little different. Tonight on the afterglow we’re airing our interview with Simon Postford of Shpongle. They’ll be performing this Friday in Detroit at the Majestic Theater, so if you’re into them you may be interested. I’ll be trying to head that way, and some other Impact people will be there too, so post in the comments if you want to meet up!

I’ve got plenty of great music to play after the interview too, so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Afterglow. Playlist up live below.

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Afterglow 4/22/2011

Happy Earth Day everyone! Watch below for live playlist updates as they happen!

I’m back in town. I was gone last week for the big broadcast technology show in Las Vegas. Had a good time, but I’m glad to be back. Of course, I’m a bit under the weather tonight. Lost my voice this weekend, so I’m pretty raspy tonight. I’m just forging ahead and hoping our station’s mic processor just makes me sound grizzled and cultured.

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Afterglow 4/15/2012

Another night, another great episode of the Afterglow. This show had to run without me on account of me leaving town for the big broadcaster show in Vegas. This was a huge sacrifice on my part as I’m sure you can all agree. It’s a rough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Around here at the Impact, we call that taking one for the team. Going to Las Vegas for the team.

Playlist after the jump.

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