Afterglow 3/4/12

Hey everybody! It’s a ghost town right now! East Lansing is empty because of spring break. For those of you left or for you listeners who are too cool for school, we’re still here at the Impact playing all kinds of great music. Got my buddy Tom in here tonight, and we’re gonna play all kinds of chilled out grooves. The playlist will be going up live below.

I also stumbled across a great accompaniment to the Afterglow! All you have to do is slow down your busy life for a minute and do nothing for two minutes. That’s it. You can do it on your own, but somebody made a thing at That way you can officially do nothing for two minutes. There’s also the sister site Cool stuff.

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Afterglow 2/26/2012

Another Sunday night, another awesome episode of the Afterglow. Giving away our third and final copy of Le Voyage Dans la Lune. We’re also back in business with a brand new array of working CD players! Alright! Full playlist below.

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Afterglow 2/19/2012

The Afterglow is here rain or shine, sleet or snow, every Sunday night to bring you the best in chilled out music to ease into the new week. Even in the face of tonight’s technical difficulties, we persevere. Also, another copy of Le Voyage Dans La Lune to give away. You lucky ducks.

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Afterglow 2/12/2012

Hola a todos. Had a great show, gave away a copy of Air’s new release Le Voyage Dans La Lune. They’ve just released a new DVD edition of the film, which was originally produced in 1902. The hand-painted color version was thought lost, but it was rediscovered in 1993 and restored for the new release. All, of course, scored by Air. You can read more here.

If you missed out and you’re wishing you had one of the new DVDs, don’t forget we’ve still got two more to give away.

This evening’s full playlist can be browsed below at your leisure.

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