Pity Party Playlist – 7/16/14


Pity Party Playlist – 7/16/14

Their / They’re / There – Concession Speech Writer

Sundials – Snowballs at Cops

The Front Bottoms – Flying Model Rockets

Kind of Like Spitting – Birds of a Feather

Joie De Vivre – Good Morning Mr. Franklin

Alex G – Sorry

Creative Adult – Control My Eyes

Mineral – July

Modest Mouse – From Point A to Point B

Lemuria – Dream Eater

The Sidekicks – Grace

Donovan Wolfington – Quitting

Iron Chic – Timecop

Cursive – Art Is Hard

Merchant Ships – Something that Matters

Youth Novel – Stay Here

Whirr- blue

Old Gray – Wolves

Drug Church – Deconstructing Snapcase

Daylight – No One’s Deserving

Joyce Manor – Falling in Love Again

Pity Sex – Euclid

This Town Needs Guns – +3 Awesomeness Repels Water

Weezer – No Other One (request)

Kite Party – Runner

Pentimento – Any Minute Now

Paramore – Emergency

Gates – Walls

Kevin Devine – Another Bag of Bones

All Dogs – Say

The Weakerthans – Aside

Taking Back Sunday – Ghost Man On Third

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