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Spartan Sportswrap 6/25/12

This week we welcome Alex and David to the show as the new hosts. During their first week they talk about the NBA playoffs as well as hockey and the MSU baseball teams’ recent draft pickups.


Spartan Sportswrap 6/18/12

Congratulations to Dave and Megan on doing an amazing job the last 2 years on the Sportswrap. In their last show they discuss the Tigers recent inter-league play as well as the NBA finals and Megan gives us one more NASCAR update from MIS.


Spartan Sportswrap 6/4/12

Dave is joined by a larger panel today as they discuss MSU’s recent victory in the NCAA baseball tournament as well as the problems with the Detroit Tigers and the ongoing NBA and NHL playoffs.


Spartan Sportswrap 5/28/12

Dave goes in alone this week while Megan and Alex are away. Topics discussed include changes to the Detroit Tigers line up as well as whether or not action should be taken against the recent sports celebrities who have been braking the law.


Spartan Sportswrap 5/21/12

With Dave out of town, Megan takes over. She discusses MSU lacrosse and the recently announced football schedule. Other topics include the Detroit Tigers and the ongoing NHL and NBA playoffs.

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