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Exposure 5/31/11

This week features  Michigan singer songwriter Jill Jack. Rex LaMore, Megan VanDyke, Amber Peruki,  and Leslie Donaldson  tell us why  exposure to arts spurs economic activity. Brendan Dwyer talks about  Tourist in Your Town. Brittney Hoszkiw of the Old Town commercial association  talks about  the Great America Main Street Award. This week’s Michigan Storytelling segment features Author of Reimagining Detroit John Gallagher.


HHour: Pigtails vs. Darth Vader, Rapture Gets Wet

An episode of HHour as silly as any before it. Jon debates finer points of pig tails, and a caller gives empirical support that pigtails means mo money. J-wize runs down empire, and sleeps through Return of the Jedi 3 times. The french discover a new earth like planet, and ed insults everyone besides america. A very ordinary hhour, except for the loads of special guests. Listen Now!


City pulse 5/25/11

President of Friends of Kresge Suzanne Brouse talks about the New museum.  Your choice Medical Marijuana dispensary owner  Shakina Pena talks  about the medical marijuana ordinance. Main Street strategies political consultant  Joe DiSano. GOP strategist Dennis Darnoi.


Exposure 5/24/11

Emily talks with  NBC correspondent and MSU alum Chris Hansen.  CNBC blogger Christina Cheddar Beck talks summer vacation without breaking the bank. MSU student  Erica Shekell shares her experience re-enacting the “Freedom Rides.”
TedxLansing speakers David Hornak  and Andrea Collier. Exposure correspondent  Emanuele Berry shares a story about Lansing Eastern High School’s IB program.


Tonight from 7-8 hear an interview with MSU alum and NBC correspondent, Chris Hansen. Also, hear an MSU’s student’s 10 day journey on the Freedom Ride, a 50 year anniversary commemoration of the civil rights movement.

HHour: Rapture, Star Wars First Views, Laser Discs

It’s the end of the world, as we know it; according to some Bible Math guy, but if we survive, we’ll have this commemorative episode where we introduce Theme&Variation (again, they’ve been on before), and promo their upcoming show at the Loft, Jesse views Star Wars for the first time, and Jon berates he for waiting this long.
Also, we talk about The Message, in a hop hop hip kinda way. “Yo Moses, bringda Ark of the Covenant.” “Sorry, Dawg, I can’t without the proppa Oven Mitt.”


Exposure 5/17/11

Dave Menzo and Sarah Price of the band Cloud Magic stop by to chat and preform.  Corinn VanWyck talks the East Lansing Art Festival. Lansing filmmaker Michael McCallum  discusses  his feature film Fairview Street.  TedxLansing speaker  Jake Pechtel. This weeks Michigan storytelling segment features Martha Bloomfield and Stephen Ostrander.

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