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HHour: Rapture, Star Wars First Views, Laser Discs

It’s the end of the world, as we know it; according to some Bible Math guy, but if we survive, we’ll have this commemorative episode where we introduce Theme&Variation (again, they’ve been on before), and promo their upcoming show at the Loft, Jesse views Star Wars for the first time, and Jon berates he for waiting this long.
Also, we talk about The Message, in a hop hop hip kinda way. “Yo Moses, bringda Ark of the Covenant.” “Sorry, Dawg, I can’t without the proppa Oven Mitt.”


Exposure 5/17/11

Dave Menzo and Sarah Price of the band Cloud Magic stop by to chat and preform.  Corinn VanWyck talks the East Lansing Art Festival. Lansing filmmaker Michael McCallum  discusses  his feature film Fairview Street.  TedxLansing speaker  Jake Pechtel. This weeks Michigan storytelling segment features Martha Bloomfield and Stephen Ostrander.


Sportswrap 5/9/11

Dave and  Megan talk about the Detroit Tigers prospects. The Red Wings chances of a comeback. Predictions for the NBA playoffs and the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight.


HHour: Local Ninjas, Regenerating Conch Dongles, Fan Thiefs, 4/07/2011

We discuss local ninjas with hearts of gold, the amazing ability of the conch shell to regenerate ‘man-parts’ when local predators chew them off (conch’s never learn, do they?), and a rash of thievery of $10 fans. Well, one fan. But they loved this fan. Also, The Vermontville vs. St Johns rivalry heats up! Who will take HHour to the county fair?! Find out, on another edition of HHour! Including the immediately after-show, where there’s cursing and raucousness. NSFW!!


HHour Speed Dating, Anteater Theft, 2/24/2011

We discuss important issues such as the new Tron, Daft Punk’s soundtrack, the last mission for space shuttle Discovery, and do a little phone Speed dating with Brian and Annie. Which inevitably leads to Pick-Up Lines for every occasion. HHour briefly goes in search of an intern with low self-esteem, and J-Wize offers the HHour Crime Report: Anteater theft at the museum! Also: Alumni Association Donations: Bloodsuckers!


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