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Impact Exposure gives a voice to student groups at Michigan State University and organizations in the East Lansing area. Listen to see what is happening in your community.

Exposure 11/6/12/12

Bruce Venden Bergh, a Professor of MSU’s Department of Advertising, summarizes the political ad season. Lauren Godlesky, Impact Reporter, talks about the effect of political ads on MSU students. Impact Reporter Micaela Colonna discusses Republicans on campus. Impact’s Gabby Saldivia reports on international students that can’t vote. MSU’s Spartan Sur is on to talk about Hindi-Fusion a capella. Carmen Scruggs, an MSU Reporter, gives MSU students’ advice for the future president. We call Abbie Newton and get the scoop on an Election Day Watch Party in Akers Hall. Impact Reporter Gabby Saldivia reports on who MSU students would consider their ideal candidate. Impact’s Carmen Scruggs discusses which presidential candidates are the most attractive. Impact Reporter Thea Card reports on political internet memes. Finally, Anjana Schoreder, another Impact Reporter, finds out how students would score the election if they got the chance.


Exposure 10/30/12

Impact reporter Gabby Saldivia discusses reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Impact’s Anjana Schroeder spoke with a representative from the YouVote campaign. MSU RCAH Communications Manager Katie Wittenauer and RCAH student Julia Kramer talk about the RCAH Hunger Dialogues series. Susan Wood, Director of the East Lansing Film Festival joins us to talk about festival’s fifteenth year. Impact Reporter Thea Card breaks down Michigan’s ballot proposals. Impact’s Carmen Scruggs reports on how the appearance of a presidential candidate affects voter opinion. Kyle Muston and Ian Walker of GAFBO (Great American Fierce Beard Organization) as well as Mick Haley, founder of the Beardsmen of MSU, join us in studio to talk about No-Shave November. Impact’s Lindsay Benson reports on MSU’s spookiest buildings.


Exposure 10/23/12

MSU Head Debate Coach Will Repko is on to talk about the 54B District Judge Debate. Impact’s Abbie Newton reports on ASMSU’s hosted debate between Mark Meadows and Andrea Lark regarding the race for 54B District Judge. Impact Reporter Thea Card discusses the change in Michigan’s liquor license processing. Paul Starr, founder of imabeerhound.com, talks about Michigan brewing. Lauren Godlesky, Impact Reporter, discusses MSU’s off-campus leasing season. Christine Greenhow, Assistant Professor in MSU’s College of Education, talks about Twitteracy: Tweeting As A New Literacy Practice. Impact’s Anjana Schroeder reports on international students and finding authentic food. Michigan Storytelling segment featuring Angelina Mosher.


Exposure 10/16/12

MSU Lecturer in Law Phil Pucillo discusses the history of affirmative action in the courts. MSU Professor Roger Baldwin discuss the disappearance of liberal arts schools. Impact’s Lindsay Benson reports on the Izzone Campout and Midnight Madness. Impact Reporter Abbie Newton talks about MSU Homecoming. Impact’s Lauren Godlesky reports on medical marijuana. Artist Ben Arthur comes in to talk about his latest CD and book “If You Look For My Heart.” Exposure welcomes The Bard Owls into the studio.


Exposure 10/1/12

MSU’s Head Debate Coach Will Repko joins us to discuss tomorrow’s presidential debate. Impact’s Abbie Newton highlights key points of Herman Cain’s speech last week. Lisa Cook, Professor of Economics and International Relations, and Matt Grossman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at MSU, are on to discuss tomorrow’s presidential debate as well. Impact’s Thea Card reports on the rising tuition of international students. MSU Physics and Astronomy Professor Megan Donahue is on to talk about the discovery of a new infant galaxy. Dave Uchalik of the polka band The Polish Muslims calls in to tell us about his band and their music. Impact reporter Gabby Saldivia takes us to Beaumont Tower during last week’s MSU vs. OSU football game. Michigan Storytelling segment featuring poet Angelina Mosher.


Exposure 9/25/12

Impact’s Abigail Newton reports on the anti-Muslim film. Bluegrass musician Twyla Birdsong is in from the Mid-Michigan Women of Blues. Anjana Schroeder of the IMPACT reports on where students can vote. Samantha Keeney and David Anderson of the Union of Concerned Scientist talk about Proposal 3. Paul Spiegelman, CEO of Beryl Companies, discusses the balance between work and home life. IMPACT reporter Gabriela Saldivia gives us an audio tour of Grand Rapids’ Art Prize.


Exposure 9/18/12

Emanuele speaks with associate professor of English Natalie Philips who explains her recent scientific study exploring how liberal arts exercises the brain. She then has Judy Hoberman on discussing the difference between men and women in regards to buying and more importantly voting habits.  New York Times bestselling author, Maggie Stiefvater,  discusses her new book  “The Raven Boys.” We are then joined by Ron Bertz & Stan Budzynski who talk about, and then treat us to, some Blues music. To wrap up the show the Impact’s own Elise Yoon the K-Pop crossover star PSY. ( Correction the survey cited in the interview with Judy Hoberman was done by CBS/NYT, not NBC)


Exposure 9/11/12

Impact’s Gabriel Saldiva on Spartan Remix; Jenelle Marie, founder of  The STD Project, talks about STD awareness. Ronda Bokram, Staff Dietician at OLIN Health Center, discusses organic food. The Tejano Sound Band is on to talk about tejano music Hispanic Heritage Month. Marsha McDowell from Weaving of War talks about the project. The director and cast of Riverwalk Theatre’s “Spring Awakening” play are in to discuss the production. Michigan Storytelling segment featuring Danielle Lutes of the MSU Slam Team.


Exposure 6/26/12

It’s Emily Fox’s last live show!

Emily Fox reports on disaster areas for agriculture in Michigan. Kathleen Bolthouse, Lansing’s Queen of Blues, performs and talks East Lansing Summer Concert Series. Wade Fisher of MSU’s Dept. of Physics and Astronomy discusses recent findings regarding the Higgs Boson Particle. Stephanie Van Koevering of MSU’s K-12  Outreach Team talks about No Child Left Behind in Michigan. MSU’s College of Education’s Don Heller speaks about college affordability. Michigan Storytelling segment featuring Angelina Mosher.

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