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Thursday | 8:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Do you love local music? Are you constantly going to shows and discovering new bands you had no idea lived just miles away from you? Well, you should be listening to The Basement!

The Basement is Impact 88.9FM’s local music show, featuring bands, artists, and entertainers from across the state of Michigan. We bring the diverse sounds of Michigan and deliver them right to your earballs with such vim and vigor it’ll leave you spinning in your non-swivel chair. From the all-out Rock of Detroit, experimental stylings of the west, to the rootsy folk of northern Michigan, the Basement has all your music needs covered. From MSU natives Frontier Ruckus and The Hard Lessons to Detroit greats like Iggy Pop and Jack White, let us soothe that nagging itch of new music and comfort your longing soul for the great Michigan songs of years passed.

The Basement 4/10/14

hard lessons

Had an awesome night on The Basement this week as we brought it East Lansing natives The Hard Lessons to play a live semi-acoustic set before their homecoming show tonight at Macs Bar. Also joining us was Kalamazoo rockers King Median playing some live tunes, they even brought in an organ! Finally we had East Lansing staple Jerry Sprauge and The Spragues come in to talk about recent happenings. The playlist is below:

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The Basement 4/3/14


This week on The Basement we brought in Dalinian from Saginaw to talk about music and Taco Bell, also joining us in the studio was Jake Pechtel, the entertainment director of The Capital City Film Fest giving us some insight into the history of the fest, and a look into the future. Here’s the playlist from the night:

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The Basement 3/27/14


Had an awesome time on the show this week, we brought in Alaska and St8 of Mine to talk about upcoming shows, and all kinds of stuff including preferences in cheese. We also played some great tunes from artists playing shows soon. The playlist is below.

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The Basement 3/20/14


This week on The Basement we heard from alot of awesome Michigan artists and brought two singer-songwriters into the studio to play. Stefanie Haapala and Jason Singer came in and played some stuff live in the station, and talked about upcoming shows. The playlist is below:

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The Basement – 3/13/14


This week on The Basement we had some awesome bands come in and talk about upcoming albums and shows, including the young and talented Accidentals and the increasingly prominent folk-inspired Crane Wives. We also played alot of awesome stuff, from artists playing shows soon. The Playlist is listed below:

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The Basement 3/6/14


Tonight on The Basement we heard from a couple of bands including 2 high school outfits Buddy and Bike and Cicades. Along with local staples Dizzy Dearest both talking about upcoming shows at Macs Bar.

Heres the playlist from tonight’s show:

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The Basement – 2/6/14


Had a great time interviewing both Mark D Beats, and The Funk Munks today, we talked about all kinds of great things like Settlers of Catan, and food. Both bands are going to be playing at Macs Bar on Sunday February 23rd! doors open at 8pm. Did find some time for a couple songs before the interview though, as usual relevant shows are listed next to the tracks.

Here’s the playlist from tonight:

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The Basement – 1/30/14


On the show today we got to talk to Basement vets Wayne Szalinski and newcomers Newday Dreamers about their upcoming show at Macs Bar, this Saturday, Feb 1st, and a whole lot more. Newday Dreamers even played some acoustic stuff live in the station. I did manage to squeeze a few songs in though, but the playlist was short.

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The Basement 1/16/14


Had a great time playing local jams for all of you tonight! Hopefully the stations signal will be back to full power soon so everyone who wants to, can tune in. Have a great 4 day weekend, and go make it out to a show!

Here’s the playlist from tonight:

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