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Thursday | 8:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Do you love local music? Are you constantly going to shows and discovering new bands you had no idea lived just miles away from you? Well, you should be listening to The Basement!

The Basement is Impact 88.9FM’s local music show, featuring bands, artists, and entertainers from across the state of Michigan. We bring the diverse sounds of Michigan and deliver them right to your earballs with such vim and vigor it’ll leave you spinning in your non-swivel chair. From the all-out Rock of Detroit, experimental stylings of the west, to the rootsy folk of northern Michigan, the Basement has all your music needs covered. From MSU natives Frontier Ruckus and The Hard Lessons to Detroit greats like Iggy Pop and Jack White, let us soothe that nagging itch of new music and comfort your longing soul for the great Michigan songs of years passed.

The Basement – 6/26/14

Thanks for tuning into The Basement tonight with guest host Stacey Karl! The playlist ranged from MoTown favorites to current garage rock bands like Chit Chat and Protomartyr.


Wayne Szalinski – Atrophy for Lethargy

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me You Weren’t On The Dance Floor

The Marvelettes – Beechwood 4-5789

The Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin’ On

The Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die

The Kickstand Band – Still Thinking of You Tonight

Jamaican Queens – Water

Prussia – Bleeder

Zoos Of Berlin – Above The Air

Oblisk – Tunnel of Phoenix

Adult Film – Oliver Jett

Deadbeat Beat – stupid id

Flint Eastwood – Billy the Kid

Bad Indians – Haunted House

Growwing Pains – Bedwet

The Sunburns – Welcome To Jonestown

Pity Sex – Wind-Up

The People’s Temple – Handsome Nick

The Stooges – Down On The Street

Protomartyr – Come & See

The Spits – All I Want

Haunted Leather – The Heat Sits

Chit Chat – Undeath

Mexican Knives – Killer Snake

Death – Politicians In My Eyes

The Gories – Nitroglycerine

The White Stripes – I’m Finding Harder To Be A Gentleman

Tyvek – Scaling

MC5 – Looking At You

K9 Sniffies – The Mask

Human Eye – Gettin’ Mean

The Basement – 6/19/14

Hey all. Thanks for tuning in to Kyle’s guest host of The Basement. No bands in tonight, but here’s tonight’s playlist:

Mike Mains & the Branches – Calm Down, Everything Is Fine

The Class Acts – Something Good

Lights & Caves – Manchy

Cheap Girls – Knock Me Over

The Hard Lessons – Wicked Man Read More…

The Basement 6/12/14

black flag

This week on The Basement Colin from The Cultural Vibe took over and had a great time with guests The PluralsChristopher Lucius Newman, and Emily Leong. The Plurals will be opening for Black Flag this upcoming Wednesday at The Avenue. Chris gave an interesting take on the music industry today as well as unveiled a couple new tracks to his upcoming album Wilderness. Emily also unveiled a couple new tracks off of her bands new album too.

The Basement 6/5/14


We had an awesome week on The Basement this week as we brought in Squirrel Shaped Fish, and Mark D Beats to play some new tracks and talk about what the big bold future looks like. Beyond that we managed to squeeze in some other awesome tracks. The Playlist is below. Read More…

The Basement 5/29/14


This week on The Basement we brought in The MS80 to come in and play us a ton of live songs! and debut some new tracks off their upcoming album. We also features some songs from some bands that are playing some really cool shows in the area. Below is the playlist: Read More…

The Basement 5/22/14


Had an awesome show on The Basement tonight as we brought in Oeno to play some live acoustic jams, and talk about upcoming shows. We also used the last half hour of the show to feature a variety of artists that will be at this years Bled Fest. The playlist is below: Read More…

The Basement 5/15/14


Little bit of a surprise here on The Basement tonight as 2 of our scheduled bands had to cancel. But The Hex Bombs came in and played some acoustic songs live for us and some songs of their latest album “Everything Earned”. We also filled the other bands spots with some awesome local music. Below is the playlist which, like usual includes shows that each bands is playing in the area soon. Read More…

The Basement – 5/1/14


As Msu’s year comes to an end The Basement would like to remind listners that we will be running strong all summer long in the usual time slot. Also tonight on the show we brought in Northline and The Damn Van Cannibals to play some live acoustic jams, and talk about upcoming fun. Below is the playlist for the night.: Read More…

The Basement – 4/24/14


Tonight on The Basement we brought in Detroit are band Bad Dates to talk about upcoming shows and play some live songs and take requests, we also heard from promoting/booking/record label The Great Lakes Collective. The playlist is below. Read More…

The Basement 4/17/14


This week on The Basement we brought in Stephen Schlaack and Cave Needles to talk about upcoming shows and new albums. We also got to hear some live tracks from Stephen. All that plus some awesome Michigan made tunes! The playlist is below:

Read More…

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