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Tune into Flashback for a swingin’, groovy, funky, totally rockin’ trip back in time with your host. They bring you the best of the oldies from all genres, with songs dating from the mid-20’s through the early 2000’s. Flashback often features themed nights – with funky fresh hip hop, swanky jazz and swing, hot 80’s hits and everything in between.

The request line is ALWAYS open for you to hear your favorite jams from back in the day!

Blog grinch

Chelbucket brought you two hours of festive oldies to spark your holiday spirit! The Christmas…

Blog tumblr_lgy1sgqKNq1qdaaw6o1_500

IT’S FINALLY BREAK!!!!!!!  That’s more than enough reason to dance like a fool….or like The…

Blog MI0002020837

As classes wind down and stress levels go up, Chelbucket felt we all needed to…

Flashback The-beatles-the-beatles-32961626-1280-883

Chelbucket brought you The Beatles tonight, featuring all of your favorites from John, George, Paul,…

Flashback lemon_jelly_20

To relieve that end-of-semester and winter weather stress that you may be havin’….Chelbucket took us…

Flashback Nickelback-nickelback-642031_1024_768

Chelbucket usually features the best of the oldies but tonight she played some crappy classics….and…

Flashback article-2040037-0E04BC2A00000578-667_634x324

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!  Flashback helped you celebrate this holiday in style by playing two full hours…

Flashback rockin-elvis-presley-singing-1572312381

Chelbucket celebrated some infamous artists on this installment of Flashback. Check out the set for…

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