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Tune into Flashback for a swingin’, groovy, funky, totally rockin’ trip back in time with your host. They bring you the best of the oldies from all genres, with songs dating from the mid-20’s through the early 2000’s. Flashback often features themed nights – with funky fresh hip hop, swanky jazz and swing, hot 80’s hits and everything in between.

The request line is ALWAYS open for you to hear your favorite jams from back in the day!

Blog Impact-BG-3-310x150

Chelbucket celebrated the Impact’s 26th birthday this week by bringing you some Impact history -…

Blog 06-01-14-Led-Zeppelin-ftr

If you wanna rock and roll ALLLLLLL NIGHT…..look no further!  Chelbucket’s set features a night…

Blog 020309+Buddy+Holly+P1

This week Chelbucket brought you legendary artists – check out the set to hear music…

Blog images

Bucket….Chelbucket.  This week Flashback was all about Bond….James Bond.  Check the set for timeless tunes…

Blog 1330239951_mariah-carey-we-belong-together

Flashback took us on a journey back 10 years ago to celebrate the biggest songs…

Blog twist-again-austin-powers-the-spy-who-shagged-me-1999-

Grab a friend and get ready to jump back in time!!  Check out the set…

Blog 2014_06_23_15_08_31

Chelbucket jumped through the decades tonight – check out the set for something from the…

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