Sunday | 10:00 P.M. – 12:00 A.M.

Join your host Devin as she brings out the chilled out side of the Impact. On the Afterglow, you’ll hear artists like STS9, Michal Menert, Emancipator, and many more as they perform tunes that set a relaxed mood. Sit back and unwind before the busy week ahead.

Afterglow 9/28

Tracks from the new albums of SBTRKT and Aphex Twin accompany the best selection of electronic, downtempo, and more, 9-11pm every Sunday!


NEW DORP. NEW YORK (feat. Ezra Koenig) – SBTRKT (new music!)

4 bit 9d api+e+6 – Aphex Twin (new music!)

Gauss – Koi

Silver Lining – Shigeto

Orenge – Totems

Our Hearts of Ruin – Blue Sky Black Death

Marijuana – Chrome Sparks

Reprise – Gold Panda

Gettysburg – Ratatat

Paracosm – Washed Out

Separator – Radiohead

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate – The Flaming Lips



Pete Standing Alone – Boards of Canada

Space Travel Is Boring – Sun Kil Moon

Distant Lights – Burial

Homeless – Paul Simon

Eve – Emancipator

Blue Spray Jacket – Fennec

Losing My Edge – LCD Soundsystem

Overgrown – James Blake

Unicorn – Four Tet

Exchange – Massive Attack

Immunity – Jon Hopkins

Afterglow 9/21

Wind down the weekend with the Afterglow, with some of the best electronic, downtempo and chill music 9-11pm every Sunday.

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Afterglow 8/24

Decompress with some help from Emancipator, Bibio, Tycho & other favorites from your host DJ Ascott on her last night as host of the Afterglow!


Blessa- Toro Y Moi

Kong- Bonobo

Archipelago- Teebs

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Afterglow 8/17


It’s A New Day- Time Passing

Don’t Summarise My Summer Eyes- Bibio

All I Know- Washed Out Read More…

The Vibe 8/16

After two weeks alone, DJ Spenny and DJ CJax reunite just in time to bring all the power, hip-hop and good vibes to your weekend. With tracks from all the hottest underground MCs in hip-hop you know it’s going to be hot Don’t forget if you want to hear new hip-hop. The Vibe’s New Music at 9 is the place for your radio. All this and more Saturday from 8 p.m. – midnight on WDBM East Lansing!

Want to be a part of tonight’s episode? Tweet using #VibinDirty to submit request songs or call in to 517-884-8989. And you can follow the playlist below!
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Afterglow 8/3

Whoa! A record number of callers with requests this evening on the Afterglow. Thank you listeners for your support in shaping the Afterglow and keepin’ it real every Sunday!


Rose Quartz- Toro Y Moi

Change Is Gonna Come- Pretty Lights

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Afterglow 7/27

The calm before the storm.


Attack The Doctor- Blockhead

Ghostwriter- RJD2

Days To Come- Bonobo, Bajka

A Circular Reeduction- Tycho

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Afterglow 7/6

Decompress after the holiday weekend with two hours of the best downtempo, trip-hop and ambient post-rock. Tonight on the Afterglow hear artists like Emancipator, Sigur Rós, Flying Lotus as well as your favorites! Playlist as always, coming at you live!


Sun Seance- Blockhead

Nevergreen- Emancipator

Xtal- Aphex Twin

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Afterglow 6/29

Celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax tonight on the Afterglow your host DJ Ascott will be giving away tickets for the N.O.W Is The Time Tour this upcoming Saturday, July 5th at the Magic Stick in Detroit! Call in to win or to make requests at 517-884-8989! More information can be found at


Soft- Washed Out

Divina- Toro Y Moi

Terrapin- Bonobo Read More…

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