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pity party playlist – 3/4/15

brand new – sic transit gloria…glory fades

dikembe – gets harder

olde pine – for twinny

you blew it! – hope its not a deposit bottle

paramore – brighter

monument – sophisticated liars

now, now – roommates

death cab for cutie – no room in frame

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Jam of the Day 2/25/15: “Ever Have a Little Faith?”

Belle and Sebastian just released their 9th album in 20 years, Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. While their last two or three albums have shifted to a more alternative sound, this disco-y album could be considered a dance record, with the exception of “Ever Have A Little Faith”” which has a very noticeably different sound than the rest of the songs. Sweet and folksy, both the encouraging lyrics and the bright chords bring a bit of warmth to these cold, bleak days that we’ve been having. Enjoy!

Words by Martha Kaser

Pity Party Playlist – 2/18/15

pity party playlist – 2/18/15

adventures – dream blue haze

you blew it! – bedside manor

warm thoughts (dad punchers) – everything must grow

the sidekicks – hell is warm

be still, cody – wrong right

long beard – hates the party

runaway brother – reprise

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Pity Party Playlist – 1/14/15

anthony green – the first day of work at the microscope store

aye nako – the rind

somos – dead wrong

the anniversary – the heart is a lonely hunter

braid – killing a camera

brand new – failure by design

restorations – all my home

blis – floating somewhere high and above

gates – bloom

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Pity Party Playlist – 11/12/14

Thanks to everyone who listened and called in, and shout out to our TWO Circa Survive ticket winners!

field mouse –  a place you return to in a dream

tawny peaks – wasting space

late bloomer – use your words

tera melos – sunburn

mahogany – drowsy

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