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Album Review: La Dispute – Rooms of the House

A friend of mine at West Point recently told me a helpful bit of military advice: don’t get fancy. What he meant was that all up-and-coming tacticians are first taught to learn basic military strategies; otherwise they will make disastrous calls in the interests of devising what they believe to be an ingenious plan. It’s advice that can be applied to many aspects of life, with music possibly being the best place for this concept to settle. Anyone who’s suffered through countless “progressive” or “post-whatever” albums will know that far too many bands, usually young and inexperienced ones, will strive to be unique or unconventional before grasping the basics of how to write a song, which then leads to a derivate, boring, album that doesn’t develop any of the band’s ideas, interesting as they may be when first conceived. La Dispute used to be one such band.
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Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Get introduced to Potty Mouth in their video for “Black and Studs.” The band just played with Vivian Girls at their last show EVER earlier this month. Definitely keep them on your radar. You can get a copy of their first LP, Hell Bent on pink vinyl at Big Cartel.

Weekday Wrap Up

Today, we’re bringing back an old Impact tradition, the Weekday Wrap Up, where members of our team share what songs or artists got them through the pain and monotony of the 5 day grind. Check in with every Friday afternoon to stay in the loop on what’s going on at the station.

Content team member Alex Byers
I’ve been listening to Barlights by fun. The inner Broadway musical nerd in me wanted to bust out dancing walking to class on the sunny dayz in EL.
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Memorex Memories

Memorex Memories is a new segment where Impact staffers rediscover their own mix CDs from childhood, pre-teen, and teen years.

If you grew up in the early years of the new millenia you may remember a couple of things that were hip at the time; boys wearing girl skinny jeans, Hollister or American Eagle apparel, eyeliner for guys (guyliner), dial-up internet, Runescape (#NeverForget), etc. Being the white, middle class boy I was in rural west Michigan dealing with puberty, I thought I should be sad about things and listened to music that spoke to the dark depression I pretended to have. I made a plethora of mix CDs until playlists were a thing, surprisingly the magnum opus of my faux-emo phase survived, outside of a museum where it belongs, and here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Track 1 – On My Own by The Used from The Used
Welp. So we’re starting strong in the pop/punk emo pit that was my adolescence and preteen era. I still own a shirt of theirs since seventh grade and wear it on occasion. I like to wear it to bars and describe the cause behind each tear stain littered across the chest.
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together PANGEA – Offer

Together PANGEA know how to have a good time AND they make some killer music, which is why we chose them for our Jam of the Day. If you like what you hear, you can pick up the Los Angeles garage rockers album Badillac at a record store near you.

Bleached – Love Spells

Don’t you hate when you’re having band practice in the cemetery, and accidentally raise the dead? Man, me too but Bleached make it look like a lot of fun in their video for “Love Spells.” Their debut LP, Ride Your Heart is out now on Dead Oceans.

Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

If you live in Michigan it’s going to be pretty hard to not relate to our Jam of the Day. It’s a track from Beach House titled, “I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun.” It’s a perfect song to listen to when you’re left longing for spring.

Top 10 Lorde Covers

Lorde is one of the most impressive 17 year-olds out there. With her interesting combinations of electronics, synths, and pitch-perfect vocals, many artists currently look to her for inspiration. Some of these artists have covered Lorde’s most popular tracks, “Royals” and “Team.” Although there are tons of talented people out there performing Lorde, these are the few that caught my eye.

10. Questlove and Kirk Douglas – “Royals”

You may know Questlove from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or from the band The Roots. Here Questlove takes a chance with Kirk Douglas covering Lorde’s “Royals” in the best way possible. Not only is this duo taking on the 17 year old, but also exploring their more sultry side with Lorde’s song.
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Television – Marquee Moon

Today’s Jam of the Day is a long one. It comes from Televison’s 1977 album with the same name, Marquee Moon. It’s hard to explain just how great this song is. So put on some headphones, sit back, relax, and press play.

Cherry Glazerr – Whites Not My Color This Evening

“Whites Not My Color This Evening” by Cherry Glazerr is our Jam of the Day. The L.A. band just released this video for the three minute long reverb heavy song. It’s from their debut LP Haxel Princess out now on Burger Records.

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