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Album Review: Sex on Toast’s Self-Titled LP

What if I told you that the only way to be ahead of a trend was to go back in time?

With the rise of genres like indietronica and dream pop in music, a resurgence of big shoulders and neon colors in fashion, and even the return of Russia as the Big Bad Bear in politics, the 80s are surely making a return. In the world of music, however, these synth-driven acts haven’t cut their ties to mainstream rock and pop to embrace a time when hair was big and government regulation was small. Like the 80s classics The Terminator and Back to the Future, there is one band that understands that the future of music is found in the past. Their name is Sex on Toast, a nine-piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Their self-titled, debut LP is a fresh blend of “1980’s pop music, yacht-rock, Rn’B, and synth-funk,” to quote their bandcamp, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Roll up the sleeves of your blazers, roll down your legwarmers, and set your Swatch watch back 30 years; this album is so sexy and so toasty it would fog up your glasses, if only you weren’t wearing shutter shades.
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Weekday Wrap Up

TBGIF! Thank Based God It’s Friday! Here’s what Impacters have been listening to around the station this week.

Assistant Office Manager Sami Leonardo
Currently I’ve been obsessing about the band Big Scary, they’re an Australian duo that uses the piano to create brilliant compositions that take you on a journey through smooth lyrics and eternal peacefulness. Their latest art piece comes from the album Not Art, which is beautifully created and incredibly calming.The tracks on this album are extremely delicate and playfully dancy as the piano keys are lightly tapped throughout the tracks. Overall, this album is nothing what it seems and for that reason it’s been my jam of the week.
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Swans – A Little God in Your Hands

“A Little God in Your Hands” is the first preview of Swans forthcoming album, To Be Kind. The album is to be released in early May and will feature St. Vincent as a special guest. This jam comes in at a little bit over the 7 minute mark but so much happens during that time. It starts out kind of funk sounding then the chanting starts. A quiet building dissonance goes from the background to exploding directly into the foreground toward the end of the song. Do not forget your headphones on this one. Catch Swans live when they come to Michigan June 21st to play St. Andrews Hall.

St. Vincent – Digital Witness

Everyone here at WDBM has been listening to St. Vincent non-stop since their self titled album came out last month. In a press release, Annie Clark described the follow up to 2011’s Strange Mercy perfectly, “I knew the groove needed to be paramount, I wanted to make a party record you could play at a funeral.” I couldn’t have described it better myself…See you at their show April 6th at the Majestic Theatre!

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Some Time Alone, Alone

Today’s Jam of the Day will take you on an dream-like adventure with Parisian Melody Prochet in a video for her solo project, Melody’s Echo Chamber. The vocals are sweet, and the instrumentals feel like they just float around you. This isn’t only the only good track though, the entire self-titled album is this good. The record was released in November of 2012, so don’t let yourself wait any longer.

Memorex Memories

Memorex Memories is a new segment where Impact staffers rediscover their own mix CDs and playlists from childhood, pre-teen, and teen years.

Last summer I was in the process of rummaging through old boxes of my belongings that my Dad, for whatever reason, decided needed to be in our basement when we moved houses. They were completely disorganized: an odd mix of dress shirts that didn’t fit me anymore, Dr. Seuss stories and college level anatomy textbooks, dinosaur models with notable paint fading on the side from when I used to make stegosaurus and triceratops duke it out. I even found the first two episodes of Pokémon on VHS tapes that still managed work after all these years. So imagine my surprise when at the bottom of one of the boxes I see a little, coral-blue square and recognize it as my first iPod. The iPod shuffle, second generation, with a laughably small storage of 1 GB that seems paltry compared to my 160 GB iPod Classic I now tote around. Out of pure curiosity I decided to charge it up and listen to this time capsule of my sixth grade musical tastes.
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Thievery Corporation – Saudade

Tangential learning is a fascinating psychological phenomenon. The self-educating process that occurs when a concept is introduced to a person in an indirect manner, in this case with the title of Thievery Corporation’s new album, that then leads to a series of google searches and related articles that pulls one further and further into a rabbit hole of trivia. Upon receiving Saudade, the 7th full length record by DJ duo Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, I immediately set about finding out what “Saudade” translated to. As with quite a number of other emotionally inspired words, “saudade” has no direct English translation. It is a word meant to cover a specific emotion, “a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.” Its origins in Portuguese and Galician, it is a sensation greater than nostalgia or immediate grief, “it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing may never return.”

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Tame Impala – It’s Not Meant To Be

Our Jam of the Day by Tame Impala is actually kind of sad. The song is about a girl Kevin Parker fancies, but the feeling isn’t mutual. He sings, “And I boast that it is meant to be/ but in all honesty/ I don’t have a hope in hell.” How could anyone not love you Kevin Parker?? A live version of the song will soon be featured on ‘Live Recordings,’ a limited edition vinyl set to be released on Record Store Day. Take a listen to the song below, and don’t forget to head to your local record store on April 19th.

New Music Monday

Here are the week’s freshest tracks that have yet to reach the earholes of the masses!

Playlist by Stacey Karl

Human Eye – Gettin’ Mean

Detroit punks Human Eye released their fourth album, 4: Into Unknown last year on Goner Records.
Our Jam of the Day includes the new video they just came out with for the title track, “Gettin’ Mean.” The five minute long burner gives a short tour of some of Detroit’s landmarks including the abandoned train station, and The Heidelberg Project.

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