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tUnE-yArDs – Water Fountain

Today’s Jam of the Day gives off a Pee Wee’s Playhouse vibe, if Pee Wee’s Playhouse was in chemically induced retro 8bit nightmare world. Check it out and stick around after the song for a mad science lesson. tUnE-yArDs’ new album drops May 6th.


With the semester wrapping up, MSU’s A Cappella groups on campus are showcasing their musical talents with only one instrument – vocal chords. This playlist takes you through some notable favorites to some tracks that may surprise you. Keep in mind, every sound in this playlist is made by the human voice, and that’s acca-awesome. *puts hand to ear and lays down a soulful Timberlake-esque riff*


In The Still Of The Nite – Boyz II Men
Officially the most commercially successful R&B group – and officially the smoothest voices that ring in my heart – Boyz II Men straight up throw down in this track. Smooth harmonies and solid “ba-doo-doo”s thrown in there? I can dig.

Somebody That I Used To Know – Pentatonix
Pentatonix are heavy hitters in a cappella currently, making extremely artistic videos to accompany their insane harmonies. Composed of three main singers, a bass who can sing lower than the Mariana Trench, and a percussionist making noises out of his mouth that I’ve never heard produced in the natural world, Pentatonix is the full package.

Teenage Dream – Glee Cast
I watched the first 2 seasons of Glee – yeah, I said it, what of it? – and this is easily my favorite song from what I’ve heard. This was one of the first episodes featuring Darren Criss, straight out of the great state of Michigan *woop woop* as a regular character on the show. Go ahead! Pick a note and “dun-dun-dun” along with dudes singing Katy Perry! Yeah! Okay!

I Thought She Knew – NSYNC
First, I’d be lying if I told you this isn’t in my top 10 most played on iTunes. Second, listen to this song. So smooth. No Strings Attached had obvious 2000’s hits such as Bye Bye Bye and It’s Gonna Be Me I loved as a kid, but along with age comes appreciation of these dirty harmonies and squeaky clean synchronization. THIS IS RAW TALENT! YOU HEAR ME BIEBER? TALENT!!!

For the Longest Time – MC6 A Cappella
Can’t make an a cappella playlist without this song. Ya just can’t.

Africa – Perpetuum Jazzile
Yeah, your high school choir may have performed this. You know why? Because it’s AWESOME. Perpetuum Jazzile has an unreal amount of talent, and is one of the more professional groups in this list. You can’t beat the rain and thunderstorm sound effects made at the beginning of the song. Choir people, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

*puts hand to ear, throws down juicy riff, ending in a minor note, makes a disapproving face, and makes it major. smiles, thumbs up, drops the mic*

Written by Alex Byers

Architecture in Helsinki – I Might Survive

Warning! Today’s Jam of the Day is extremely poppy and catchy. It WILL get stuck in your head. Also, fun fact: Architecture in Helsinki is from Australia, not Finland!

New Music…Tuesday?

Due to some technical difficulties with the site yesterday, we didn’t get to share our freshest tracks from the week. Better late then never, though, right?

Playlist by Stacey Karl

Album Spotlight: Hampshire – Spring, Sit Beside Me

Want to get a jump on the artists that will be playing at our free show Thursday, April 24th in the basement of SnyPhi? Check out the the debut LP from Hampshire, a emo-indie-punk band from Detroit.

Also be sure to check out Hampshire’s most recent album, Two Trains, on their bandcamp.

Warpaint – Disco//Very & Keep It Healthy

Warpaint have a new music video that is actually two music videos in one and both are our Jam of the Day, to make up for the site being down yesterday! Warpaint are so laid back that they can do nothing and it will still be effortlessly cool and awesome. The video first features the song, “Disco//Very” and then “Keep It Healthy” but they’re just hanging out with skaters dudes the whole time. Overall the video is lighthearted and fun which is a nice contrast to the dark ambiance of their music. You can catch them at Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza this summer. Their album, Warpaint is out now on Rough Trade.

Jackson Scott – That Awful Sound

Self-described at “apocalypse pop”, Melbourne based artist Jackson Scott puts a weird twist on the norm. The video for “That Awful Sound” reflects the dreamy, sunshine soaked textures of his music. His album Melbourne is out now on Fat Possum Records.

Record Store Day 2014 Release Guide

Record Store Day is only a couple of days away. Here’s our list of the best stuff coming out this Saturday, April 19th.

HAIM – Forever EP
Have you heard the Giorgio Moroder remix of this popular track? Have you heard it on vinyl?
Read More…

Beach Fossils – Face It

“Face It” by Beach Fossils is our Jam of the Day. You might think that this band is very laid back but don’t let that fool you, their live shows are not to be missed. They play their songs much faster, so mosh pits and stage diving is not uncommon. Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils will be releasing a 7″ on Record Store Day under the moniker The Snow. The supergroup also features Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum and Holograms’ Andreas Lagerström. Pick it up on April 19th!

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