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Each Other – About The Crowd

Here’s a new video from Montreal’s Each Other for our Jam of the Day. It’s got colored pencil illustrations and retro psychedelic projections that are p cool and v sweet.

Album Spotlight: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – Slingshot to Heaven

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s are a band just as thought out and interesting as their name implies. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana they’ve been churning out music since 2005 and the band itself has been constantly evolving. They’ve gone from quiet indie introspective alt rock to heavier rock riffs and emotional yelling and back to the former since their inception and the sky seems to be the limit as to what they’ll do next.

Their latest creation is an album titled “Slingshot to Heaven” and visits their earlier quiet introspective sound while retaining the heavier elements of their latest album “Rot Gut Domestic.” It all blends together nicely to make an album that, despite having a quieter sound, begs to be played loud and true.
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Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from George Lewis Jr, aka Twin Shadow. The video for this song is crazy cinematic so be sure to actually stick around for the jam! Twin Shadow also did all of his own stunts in the video. So synthy, so smooth!

Finals Week Playlist

Cramming four months of school into one week. Replacing all your meals with coffee. Writing until your hands fall off. Reading until your eyes fall out. Here are four hours of indietronica, experimental, electronic, and alternative jams with some classic tracks peppered in to keep your brain from turning to mush and leaking out your ears. This mix is chill enough to have in the background but gets dancey at times, just in case your study group wants to take a quick party break. This is the soundtrack to your success. You can do this.

Playlist by Kevin Glide

New Music Monday

Here are the week’s freshest tracks, courtesy of Assistant Music Director Stacey Karl.

OFF! – Void You Out

A track from punk supergroup OFF! is our Jam of the Day today. OFF! features Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris, Burning Brides frontman Dimitri Coats, Redd Kross bassist Steven Shane McDonald, and Hot Snakes/Rocket From The Crypt drummer Mario Rubalcaba. Pure, unbridled punk.

Weekday Wrap Up

Are classes over? Can it be? Here are the tracks and artists that got us Impacters through the last week of classes.

Music Review-Content Relations Director Eric Finkler
So I’ve been into Andrew Jackson Jihad for the past several years, but generally stuck to two albums. This week I’ve begun exploring their entire discography and am continuously surprised at the vulnerability they display with each song. From lyrics that discuss a petrifying fear of hurting others to songs focused on the evil and good aspects of humans. AJJ delves into the dark side of humanity like in the song, “Bad Bad Things,” (a song narrated by a man in the process of murdering a family) but can bring you back up with the song, “People,” that praises humanity for being a beautiful thing despite all the darkness that comes alongside it.
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Concert Review: Impact’s Free Show

Down the corridor and through the winding and curving halls of SnyPhi lies one of the greatest little secret stages that MSU has to offer. Inside the venue itself is a set-up that allows for quaint and up-close performances that is perfect for an intimate show. This show in particular was extremely intimate; the set-up was created to showcase not only the bands that were performing but also the Impacters and many others that came to enjoy the live music. The stage was set-up with the performers inches away from the crowd, which enhanced the music-going experience.

The night began with a little bit of McCarthy and the Red Scare. Although it was the band’s first performance before a big crowd they rocked the house with a few favorites from their recent releases. In between sets of each band there was the constant chatter between Impacters new and old, as well as new comers who wanted to catch a glimmer of this new music. This helped the event to flow easily as everyone began to get a sense of belonging with other.
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The Fever Haze Interview

Here’s an exclusive Impact interview with the guys from the local band The Fever Haze. Check them out at our Free Show with Secret Grief, Hampshire, and McCarthy and The Red Scare tonight at 7pm in the basement of SnyPhi,

JK = Jake Kalmink, Vocals, Guitar, Song writer, Front man, Booking man, Best man
AP = Alex Perez, guitar, former bassist
BM = Brian Mulhern, Drums
MG = Mike Greene, Bassist, new guy
NR = Nick Richardson, guitar

How did you guys form?
BM: Ive been in the group for about 10 months now. I met jake at a party for the coffee shop lemonjellos late june. At the time they had just lost their drummer Cam morgan and I mentioned to jake that I was interested in playing. That was pretty much it.

AP: jake was making these songs that were unlike what he had done before up to that point in time. I believe that he decided that he wanted to make more of it than just a few songs and that’s when it all started. Eventually he wanted to form a band and jake and I were always making music separately and never together, until eventually he wanted me to play a show, and a few years later I’m still here, playing shows.

JK: It started off as me wanting to write rock ‘n roll music, and everyone kind of just came together over time through friendship/mutual friendships.

NR: Jake started writing some music by himself and he wanted to collaborate with some friends who he played music with before. Alex Perez, former drummer Nathan Coles and I were the first to join up and it ended up just becoming a band from there.
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