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Black Friday Playlist

The day is almost upon us. Vikings called it Ragnarok. Americans simply call it Black Friday. It’s basically a hardcore show with skewed age demographics. All it needs is a little music. Here’s a little something to listen to as you compete in a Hunger Games-esque battle for sweet deals.

Listen to our Spotify playlist here.
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Editorial: Is the Frontman Dead?

It’s 1977. You’re at a rock show, one person among 9,999 others. The house lights in the arena go down. The crowd goes wild. A kickdrum booms rhythmically out of the blackness. The stage lights shine brightly at an instant. A flamboyant figure hustles to the microphone. It’s Robert Plant. It’s Freddie Mercury. It’s Steven Tyler.* The 3 hours that follow will be one of the best memories of your life.
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Interview with Joe Hertler of Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

About one quarter of the way through Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers’ set, my friend turned to me and remarked, “Imagine having this as your teacher.” She didn’t mean it derisively, but it made me laugh anyway. We had both just seen firsthand the stark difference between Joe Hertler as a teacher and Joe Hertler as the charismatic, energetic frontman of a soulful roots-rock band. One dressed in a gingham button-up and spoke with soft measured statements; the other danced wildly onstage, adorned in floral shirt and hat, and said things like “music is about human f*cking beings!” to a teeming crowd of young adults. The first one is the Joe Hertler I interviewed. He had parent-teacher conferences for part of the night. Then he came back to The Loft, cut loose – and gave what I believed to be the best performance of his career.
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Review of Pity Sex’s Feast of Love

In the sixty-ish years rock music has been alive, it’s come a long way from the “Gee wiz, I love you to the point where I suppose I should sing a song about it” and “You broke up with me and I now have sadness as a result” lyrical binary. This modern age has bestowed new complexities (and complications) upon relationships and the rock genre alike. Ann Arbor natives Pity Sex are a band that have channeled these concepts in their first LP, Feast of Love, creating a record with music and lyrics that appeal to people in a super-specific type of relationship. Can you guess what type that might be? (Hint: the band is called Pity Sex.)
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Review of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor

Last week, Arcade Fire dropped their fourth studio album, Reflektor. Anticipation mounted in the months leading up to the release as the Montreal-based band had teased fans with a guerilla marketing campaign, including covertly touring small venues across North America under the alias The Reflektors. Following the Album of the Year Grammy win for their 2010 album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire recruited LCD Soundystem retiree James Murphy as producer for their new 85-minute double LP.
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Diane Birch Speaks A Little Louder

Born in Michigan, Singer/Songwriter Diane Birch is coming off the release of her Sophomore album “Speak A Little Louder,” and letting the the world know who she is. The atmospheric follow up to her solid 2009 debut album “Bible Belt,” goes into the depths of Diane’s personal life that had never been addressed before. Impact 89FM got the chance to see Birch live at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon last week in New York City, as well as chat with her about her new release, ties to Michigan, and how she goes about songwriting.
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Pusha T: Live at Le Poisson Rouge

“This is my time, this is my hour. This is my pain, this is my name, this is my power.”

The first lyrics professed by chart-topping rap artist, Pusha T, were excitingly raw. This past Wednesday, an NPR Presents showcase at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City gave young music listeners the opportunity to see a master lyricist, Terrence Thorton, perform. The Virginia native stunned the crowd, vulnerably bestowing songs from his solo mix tape, select works with Kanye West, and from his debut album, My Name Is My Name.
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CMJ nominates Impact for College Radio Award

Last week, Impact received nominations from the College Media Journal for their Station Of The Year  and Most Creative Programming awards. The long-running college music publication holds the College Radio Awards annually, in addition to hosting prominent music events and tours.

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