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Lights and Caves – Carry Me Home

Today’s Jam of the Day today comes from a local band, and is comprised partially of Michigan State alums. The video made its debut yesterday and was directed, filmed, and edited by Impact’s video director, Colin Marshall. Yay Colin!

You can see our video of this song filmed live at The Loft from last summer here.

Pity Party Premier Preview Playlist

The Impact’s brand new specialty show, Pity Party, makes it’s debut this Wednesday at 8pm on WDBM. Host Makenzie McNeill will be spinning two hours of prime emo and alt rock from back when you were in middle school, as well contemporary tracks that prove angst knows no age. Tune in for your chances at giveaway prizes and other assorted cases of the feels.

Here’s a preview of what you might here should you tune in Wednesday night:

Playlist by Makenzie McNeill

Gifts or Creatures – Relics & Ghosts

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from our Michigan Artist Spotlight, Gifts or Creatures. This one is off of their most recent album, Yesteryear Western Darkness, which dropped in September of last year.

Brandon John Foote of Gifts or Creatures’ Spotlight Playlist

Here’s a playlist of tunes from a section of albums that we enjoy on a regular basis at home. Bethany and I both love the classic folk and rock sounds of the 20th century with a few modern acts thrown into the mix. I personally tend to lean heavily towards songwriters that offer a hint of quirk and character in their writing.

Playlist for Brandon John Foote of Gifts or Creatures:

The Band “Unfaithful Servant”
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Gifts or Creatures

Sure, it’s been awhile since our last Michigan Artist Spotlight, but we were just waiting for an artist as talented and profound as Lansing’s own Gifts or Creatures!

In the coming weeks, the Impact will be focusing on this husband and wife Americana duo through interviews, videos, album reviews, and even content generated by the band themselves. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open these next couple of weeks; we’ve got a lot to show you!
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Dr. Dog – Love

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from Pennsylvania’s own psychedelic indie rock band, Dr. Dog. “Love” is the last single off of their most recent album, B-Room.

Tanlines – Brothers

Here’s one all the way back from 2012 by Brooklyn indielectro duo Tanlines. Mixed Emotions is Tanlines’ one and only album, but we at the station hope for more soon!

Broken Bells – Holding

Today’s Jam of the Day is to tease Broken Bell’s sophomore album, After the Disco, which drops next Tuesday, February 4th. This power duo consists of James Mercer of the Shins and Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley.

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