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The Soil & the Sun – You Alone Know

A tune from the headliners for our 25th Birthday Show is today’s Jam of the Day. See them tonight at Mac’s Bar along with Flint Eastwood and Kim Vi & the Siblings!

Flint Eastwood – Billy The Kid

The Jam of the Day today is a song from the self-described “Spaghetti-Western cooked up in the ovens of Detroit,” Flint Eastwood. Be sure to see this band along with The Soil and the Sun and Kim Vi & the Siblings tomorrow night at Mac’s Bar for our 25th birthday show!

Kim Vi & The Siblings – Kali, Are You Listening?

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from a band that we were fortunate enough to have do a Spartan Session with a few months back. More importantly, Kim Vi & The Siblings will be playing at our birthday show at Mac’s Bar on Thursday, February 20th! We’ll see you there!

Top 40 Birthweek Playlist ’89

As our 25th birthday approaches, we at the station have been asking ourselves, “What was playing on the mainstream airwaves in the weeks leading up to our debut in 1989?” After 10 minutes of fierce googling, we found the songs most frequent on the frequencies back 25 Februaries ago. Be warned; we never said it would be pretty (except for maybe in the case of Duran Duran).

Corners – Pressure

A track from LA Trio Corners is our Jam of the Day today. The video for this one debuted just a few days ago and features So Cal skateboarding and Patrick Swayze. What’s not to love?

Two Minute Love Songs – An Impact Valentine’s Day Playlist

A mix to remember the death of Saint Valentine with tracks from 1960’s girl groups and rock ‘n’ roll bands. Listen to hear The Spits, Vivian Girls, and The Shangri-Las sing about love (and some heartbreak). Send it to your crush.

Listen to it here.

Playlist by Stacey Karl

Public Image Ltd – This Is Not a Love Song

In case you didn’t hear, it’s Valentines Day. In accordance with this, the Jam of the Day is a throwback to the 80s and is NOT a love song, because let’s face it, you’re going to be hearing plenty of love songs today.

Album Spotlight: Gifts or Creatures’ Yesteryear Western Darkness

We’re rolling along with our Michigan Artist Spotlight on Lansing-based Gifts or Creatures by focusing on the band’s sophomore album, Yesteryear Western Darkness. The record is pure, authentic Americana that warmly engages its listeners with thoughtful lyrics and pleasant melodies. Simultaneously, Gifts or Creatures manages to create sounds that are timeless but fresh; each song produces a truly grand sense of nostalgia for a simple, bygone America, but also holds true to the condition of the 21st century human.

The Making of Yesteryear Western Darkness, written by Brandon John Foote

Our latest album, Yesteryear Western Darkness, began with an early version recorded at a friend’s home in Kalamazoo in March 2012. Read More…

Sex on Toast – Takin’ Over

The Jam of the Day today comes from a nine piece yacht rock band out of Melbourne, Australia. This super-contagious song showed up in our Music Review department weeks ago and it’s been all the rage ever since.

A Message from Brandon John Foote on the Earthwork Music Collective

During Gifts or Creatures’ time under our Michigan Artist Spotlight, the Impact has been in correspondence with the band regarding all things music. Today, it is our privilege to shed light on a local cause that Gifts or Creatures holds near and dear.

Bethany and I are absolutely blessed to partner with Michigan’s Earthwork Music Collective. Earthwork Music is at the heart a statewide group of musically connected friends that work to see self-awareness and sustainability shared through collective song, conversation and annual festivals, including the Earthwork Harvest Gathering. We also observe a run of Earth Day shows each April to raise community awareness through song. Read More…

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