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Memorex Memories

Memorex Memories is a segment where Impact staffers rediscover their own mix CDs and playlists from childhood, pre-teen, and teen years.

This gem of a playlist dates back to the year 2005. As an angsty teen living in rural Michigan, I lashed out in the only way I knew how, by listening to obscure music from the 70s and 80s and wearing band t-shirts. Although this behavior was relatively harmless, my parents frequent inquiry of ‘Are you going goth?’ only made me lash out in a “MARILYN MANSON IS NOT GOTH” kind of way. Although the hormones don’t rage quite like they used to and the need for musical elitism has long since passed, I now realize that if I had stuck with it I would have found myself ultra-hip in the neo-goth/witch-haus/darkwave/i’m-sad-and-i-don’t-know-why scene of today.

1. Generation X – Kiss Me Deadly
Ahh yes, Billy Idol. Maybe it’s the platinum blonde hair, maybe it’s the the permanent smirk. Whatever it was something about Billy Idol in his pre-Wedding Singer days really made 14-year-old Devin swoon.

2. The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
My introduction to The Smiths came not from casual perusal of an internet search engine, but from a book. Yes, a book. The novel How Soon Is Never? introduced me to The Smiths back when I thought they were people who were actually named Smith. To this day I both idolize them and am terrified of Morrissey.
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Interview with Joey Santiago of the Pixies

Our Music Director Michelle Feghali interviewed Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago to talk about the band’s first album in over 20 years, tour life, and…Kanye West? Miss this one and you’ll be asking yourself, “Where is my mind?” HA HA PIXIES PUNS. Anyway, check it out!

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Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

As a recent graduate of MSU, today is my last day of employment at WDBM Impact 89FM, so I figured I’d be a little selfish and play one of my favorites for this Jam of the Day.

A few weekends ago, I was sharing a bucket with my Impact friends at Crunchy’s. This song came on, and I had a sort of “whoa” moment. As a kid, I loved the legends of college rock. Artists like Joe Jackson, R.E.M., and Talking Heads were a huge part of my childhood obsession with the collegiate lifestyle, and by the time I was a college freshman, I was thrilled to be walking across campus to the sounds of The Shins and Vampire Weekend like the archetypical young turk that I was (and maybe still am). So, when this song came on–a song that I’d heard a bazillion times– I thought, “Here I am, listening to this college music with college radio friends at a college bar,” and it was eerily what I had always pictured growing up. Both 5-year-old me and 18-year-old me would be stoked to know that I ended up working at the greatest college radio station on Planet Earth, WDBM Impact 89FM. Anyway, I’ll cut the self-indulgence and just thank all of my Impact friends for making a life-long dream of being involved in college radio come true. MSU and the Impact will always be the place.

-Kevin Glide, The Director of Content Himself

10 Bands Named After Household Items That Are Household Names

Let’s face it; at one point or another you’ve tried to come up with the perfect band name for the band that you “may” create in the future. Challenged accepted, you think in your head. You jog your memory for a little inspiration, which turns into a frantic look around the house to find that your perfect band name is lying around the house. You weren’t the only one with this idea. The bands listed below also thought the easiest way to name a band is go with what you know.

10. Spoon
Now this name is as simple as it can get. While looking through your own utensil drawer, you think why didn’t I think of this myself? This indie rock band went with the easy way out by picking the name Spoon for their band and although their name is simplistic, in the nicest of terms, the band is nothing of the sort. With a discography of 7 albums, they can’t be deemed simple at any level.
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Kidz Bop – Thrift Shop

This is a song that has been getting a lot of play in the offices of the Impact, but unfortunately, due to the profane and explicit nature of the lyrics, we cannot play it on air. Today’s Jam of the Day comes from the sick and twisted minds of label Razor & Tie’s Kidz Bop.


Full Moon Playlist

An eclectic playlist to set the ambiance as you get weird and prepare for your full moon rituals.

This month’s full moon is nicknamed the “Flower Moon” because as the second full moon of the spring season there are a plethora of flowers blooming during its appearance. This one is extra special, because at 6:15am our time (Sorry, you missed it, but don’t be too hurt because it was only visible from Australia and New Zealand) Saturn completely disappeared behind the moon.

The moon is technically fullest at 3:15pm this afternoon, but will appear to be full all night. So take a second to chill out to this playlist and appreciate Mother Moon.

By Shelby Doyle

PAWS – Tongues

A new one by the trio from Glasgow, Scotland is our Jam of the Day today. The video is two and a half minutes of people making out! Cool!

Album Review: The Black Keys – Turn Blue

Generally when one is talking about the sound of The Black Keys, you usually have to specify which album era you’re talking about. The band has been churning out albums since 2002 and their sound has changed drastically since 2006’s Magic Potion. Their first few albums had a much more raw feel to them than their more recent stuff. When they started out they were very much a in-your-face, fuzz blues, garage, hard rock kind of band and it was powerfully beautiful. Attack & Release had a much more psychedelic kind of chill out feel to it that made you want to get in your car and drive across the country with the windows down. Brothers was an album that took them in a more straight up rock feeling and El Camino got even more upbeat with rock songs that made you want to get up and dance (I dare you to try and listen to “Lonely Boy” without dancing). Turn Blue might be the first album by them in which everything sounds like it’s been done before. But this is actually what makes it an amazing album.
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Mac DeMarco Interview: The Sequel

Did you see our baby food-filled interview with Mac DeMarco? Whether you did or not, you didn’t get the full story. Here are some segments from the crazy Q & A session with our favorite Canadian that didn’t quite make the cut.

Who least inspires your music?
Least inspires? Hmm. I don’t know. The Police.

Why do they sell french fries at Taco Bell in Canada?
Because most Taco Bells are Taco Bell/KFC…KFC does fries so it comes from KFC. I think it’s a great joint thing there.

Where in Canada has the best poutine?
Montreal…but poutine is never that good anyway.

Where is the missing Malaysian airplane?
I think that airplane is some Amelia Earhart shit, you know? I don’t think we’ll ever know. But uh, I don’t know. Maybe they…you know what? My bandmates are pretty convinced it’s aliens. Like an alien ship came down and sucked up the airplane. So, I’m gonna put my money over there for that.
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Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

Look, up in the sky! It’s Giorgio Moroder! It’s Kraftwerk! No, it’s…a beardy Norwegian dude? Today’s arpeggiawesome Jam of the Day is a new single from off DJ Todd Terje’s newest record, It’s Album Time. Fans of EDM young and old, enjoy!

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