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City Pulse 8/28/2013

This week, host Burrell Schwartz has Developer Gene Townsend, who discusses relocating cement sculptures in Genesee Neighborhood. Later, Burrell discusses medicaid expansion with MIRS editor Kyle Melinn. Clarence Jones shares his experiences with Martin Luther King Jr. in an interview. also on we have state Reps. Theresa Abed and Tom Cochran.City_Pulse_8-28-13

City Pulse 8/21/13

This week, host Andy Balaskovitz interviews Nathan Triplett, East Lansing Mayor. they discuss the upcoming fall semester at Michigan State University and all the changes the city went through during the summer that students will hopefully enjoy. Later on the show Andy interviews Angie Mayeaux, executive director of Haven House in Lansing. they discuss the benefits the organization offers for families having a hard time finding housing and services. also on the show Andy talks with Walt Sorg, City Pulse Columnist.City_Pulse_8-21-13 2

City Pulse 8/14/13

This week, host Andy Balaskovitz interviews Jessica Yorko, a Lansing City Council member. Later on the show Andy interviews Kyle Melinn, editor for M.I.R.S. Topics of the show were Lansing’s Homeless problems and a Gay Pride Parade to the Capital’s steps.City_Pulse_8-14-2013

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