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Bibio – Take off your Shirt

Off his latest release Mind Bokeh, Bibio gives us this great upbeat track. Note that the Impact is not responsible for loss of clothing in public spaces due to listening to this track.

Ricky J’s Final Afterglow!

I’ve got my robe and slippers on in the studio for probably the last time. Tonight’s my last show hosting the Afterglow. It’s a bit surreal, really. Thanks for all the requests and the support over the last year and a half; I truly appreciate it. Tonight, I’ll be doing something a bit different. The playlist is a combination of my favorites, listener favorites, and some new stuff (to keep things fresh). A bit of a best-of, if you will. As usual, the playlist is going up live below.

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Afterglow 1/13/2013

It’s Afterglow time again! It’s good to be back in the studio after the holiday break. Tonight I’ve got a bit of an announcement to make. All things must end, and January 20th will be my last show. I’m moving on to do new things in the world. Don’t worry, the show isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got a couple of great people lined up who are going to be carrying the torch after I depart. Look forward to a bit of a “best of” next week to go through some of my favorite tracks from the past year or two, plus plenty of new stuff.

Playlist going up live below!

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Afterglow 12/9/2012

Let’s decompress a bit. Semifinals week is over and now we’ve got a city full of students cramming in studying for finals and last-minute projects. We’ll be chilling out for the next couple of hours with tons of good music, so tune in! Playlist going up live below.  Read More…

Afterglow 11/18/2012

So I hear some people over on Sit or Spin were ripping on Atoms for Peace (the supergroup composed of Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Flea from the Chili Peppers, and other fine musicians). That just won’t do. I had the joy of being introduced to their new single Default by a listener a few weeks ago, and that’s some good stuff. I think I’ve gotta play some Radiohead or something tonight to bring balance back into the universe. If you have something good in mind, go ahead and give me a call on our request line, 517-884-8989.

As usual, the playlist is going up live below!

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Afterglow 11/4/2012

Seems like the Afterglow started early this week! Sit or Spin was kind enough to play some solid stuff before I came on tonight… Post rock and some other chill tunes. And there’s plenty more to come. Check out the playlist going up live below.

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Afterglow 10/21/2012

Prepare for two hours of awesome, the Afterglow’s drifting into the airwaves tonight. Still warm enough for the robe and slippers in the studio, so I’m rockin’ ‘em. The playlist goes up live below, so keep your refreshing finger handy!

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