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Exposure 12/3/13

This week on Exposure, host Abbie Newton talks to MSU professor Susan Linz about her research regarding perceptions regarding female CEOs. She also discusses the Supreme Court case regarding the future of Native American casinos with MSU Law professor Matthew Fletcher and Perl Harbor with MSU History professor Jeff Charnley. Abbie talks with Jeremy Peters of 826Michigan, a non-profit organization that puts on Mittenfest. And lastly, we get a sneak peak into a holiday A Capella concert that will be presented by the Spartan Dischords this Saturday.   Read More…

Exposure 11/26/13

Tonight on Exposure, Abbie Newton talks with an MSU economist about research on finding satisfaction in the workplace and to the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness about Homeless Awareness Week. She also speaks with an MSU professor about the Cyclotron on campus. Krav Maga enthusiasts also visit the studio to give listeners some insight into this ancient self-defense system developed in Israel and Hungary. Regular contributor Miguel Martinez delves deeper into the Foster Care system in Michigan. Impact reporter Will Mianecki explores a campus group called Mad House. And lastly, reporter Santiago Montiel explores how international students celebrate Thanksgiving. Read More…


Newscast 11/22/13

On Friday’s newscast: international hostage situation, unemployment rates in MIchigan, new project at the Lansing Airport, sports update, weekend weather report, local music news and Silver Bells of Lansing.

Read More…


Exposure 11/19/13

Tonight on Exposure, regular host Abbie Newton returns from a two and a half week trip to Peru where she ran 150 miles with the non-profit group Impossible2Possible. We feature a conversation with her and Producer Gabriela Saldivia about life now looking back on the trip. We also hear from professor Alan Arbogast about Geography Awareness Week and an event tomorrow night at the Wharton Center’s Pasant Theatre. Lastly, Impact reporter Quin Hoffman explores the popularity of soccer in the United States.


Newscast 11/15/13

On Friday’s newscast: recent problems with Obamacare, new speed limits in Lansing, weekend weather report, MSU sports recap, local music and concert update and Indonesian Culture Night at MSU. Read More…

Exposure 11/12/13

Tonight on Exposure, Producer and News Director Gabriela Saldivia fills in for Abbie Newton as she in Peru with the organization Impossible 2 Possible. While Abbie is there she is running 150 miles through the Peruvian mountains and rain forests with a goal to educate and empower young people. Tonight, we hear an interview with her before she left for on the trip exploring her thoughts, feelings and goals leading up to her adventure. We also speak an actor from Broadway show Mamma Mia!, which is coming to the Wharton Center this weekend. And lastly, Impact reporter Carmen Scruggs breaks down unpaid internships. Read More…

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