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City Pulse Live 11/28/12

This week we hear a television segment with discussion by Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing, Lansing Township Supervisor Kathleen Rodgers and East Lansing councilman Nathan Triplett. Later, Andy talks with city councilwoman Kathie Dunbar at a ribbon cutting ceremony and Aaron Bales joins Berl in the studio to discuss his band, Flatfoot.

City Pulse Live 11/21/12

Andy hosts with Sam Inglot as residents of Walnut neighborhood, Mary Elaine Kiener and Rina Rispet, join us in studio to share their thoughts on NioWave’s recent construction of a new building. Ron Van Timmeren, VP of programming for Loeks Theatres, also calls in to talk about Studio C and later we hear an interview with Joan Bauer, state representative.

City Pulse Live 11/14/12

Andy fills in as host for Berl with Ingham County Drain Commissioner  Pat Lindemann calling in to discuss waste runoff in the Red Cedar River. We also hear from Yannet Lathrop, policy analyst at the MI League for Public Policy, who tells of the upcoming fiscal cliff. Later we hear about the future of the Cristo Ray Community center in East Lansing.

City Pulse Live 10/31/12

The Director of East Lansing Film Festival, Susan Woods, joins us in studio to talk about film as well as the upcoming film festival, Ken Ross & Jim Jamo, candidates for 30th Circuit Judge call in to discuss their candidacy, and the curator of the Broad Museum, Alison Glass, phones in to talk about a local exhibit that will be showcased at the new museum. We also hear a segment with Norm Schinkle, chairman of Ingham County  GOP, with additional commentary by Walt Sorg.

City Pulse Live 10/24/12

Director of Teaching Tolerance, Maureen Costello, calls in to discuss “Mix It Up At School Day”, a day where students sit with others they do not usually talk to, author Steve Miller joins Berl in-studio to talk about topics relevant to his book “Nobody’s Women”, and singer/songwriter Gino Federici expands on his career in Las Vegas as well as other life experiences. Towards the end we hear one of Gino’s songs, “Mambo Italiano.”

City Pulse Live 10/3/12

Graffiti artist Toby A. Ten Eyck joins Berl and Andy in studio to discuss art and the recent incident involving graffiti on the capital building, Joe Ross talks about the Solar Energy Home Tour, and Valerie Marvin calls in  to talk about a new historical museum that is planned to be built in Lansing. We also hear Sam Singh and Susan McGillicuddy discuss their candidacy for the 69th State House Seat.

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