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Back to the Future, Ruckus vs. Mayhem

What an amazing opportunity for Back to the Future fans! HHour featured exclusive new music fromĀ Frontier Ruckus frontman Matthew Millia (aka Matt ‘Millians’). Millians took second place in our annual Holiday Haiku to Slam Poet Black Belt Scott Raven, of the Mayhem Poets, who ordered steak. The poets perform live at the MSU Union for free on December 10th at 9:00 pm, and Frontier Ruckus performs live at Mac’s December 10th, doors open at 9:00 pm.


Harry Potter, Oboes, and Beer Civilians: HHour Nov., 18November

It’s hard to have fun when you’re at a 6.5, but we try anyway. We discuss the nature of reeded instruments, the nuance of deathmetal, the obsessiveness of fans, and the origins of society in beer. Not society that lives in beer, but beer at the origins of society. It’ll make sense when ya hear it. or not. Either way, you’ll definitely be an hour older.

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