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HHour: Local Ninjas, Regenerating Conch Dongles, Fan Thiefs, 4/07/2011

We discuss local ninjas with hearts of gold, the amazing ability of the conch shell to regenerate ‘man-parts’ when local predators chew them off (conch’s never learn, do they?), and a rash of thievery of $10 fans. Well, one fan. But they loved this fan. Also, The Vermontville vs. St Johns rivalry heats up! Who will take HHour to the county fair?! Find out, on another edition of HHour! Including the immediately after-show, where there’s cursing and raucousness. NSFW!!


HHour Speed Dating, Anteater Theft, 2/24/2011

We discuss important issues such as the new Tron, Daft Punk’s soundtrack, the last mission for space shuttle Discovery, and do a little phone Speed dating with Brian and Annie. Which inevitably leads to Pick-Up Lines for every occasion. HHour briefly goes in search of an intern with low self-esteem, and J-Wize offers the HHour Crime Report: Anteater theft at the museum! Also: Alumni Association Donations: Bloodsuckers!



HHour # 73: Tattoos, Hovercrafts, 3rd Thing

Sad but true, I can’t even remember what we talked about five minutes ago, but I remember talking about Tattoos; ones that Annie has, and the one’s she’s willing to get if the happy hour blog ( gets 50 followers, and how her ex has the triforce. Allissa called in with a struggle on the love of her life and his mother’s anti-tattoo issues. North Korea has attack hovercraft ready to go, but J-Wise points out they technically wouldn’t be invading South Korea, just blowing really hard. It’s the Happiest of Hours.

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