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Visit Impact at Welcome Week for Awesome Prizes

Impact street team will be playing Plinko and trivia for giveaways:

  • Monday, August 29th:
  • SBS  from about noon until 3 p.m.
  • U-Fest at the Union from about 7 – 10 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 30th:
  • Comm Arts Meet Your College from 8:30-9:30 a.m. (ouch!)
  • Sparticipation at Munn Field from about 5-8 p.m.
Awesome prizes this year include 1GB Impact 89fm USB drives! Much more! Come see us!

HHour: Common Grounds, July 4th Sandwiches, East vs. West, & Google Plus is Confusing

Following a rundown of J-Wize’s 4th of July fun with making sandwiches with Diego and hanging at Earthwork Farm,  Jon professes a love of fireworks. Diego calls in, and his mind-control device fails, just as Koz calls in to stoke the fireworks of east coast vs. west coast. We talk to the organizers of the common ground festival about their variety of acts (including Verve Pipe, Rick Springfield, and LL Cool J, among others), as well as their brand new variety of APPS (for iPhone and Android devices)! Also we try and  figure out what Google Plus is. We fail.

HHour: Bands Since Jesus, Beautiful Danes and Top-Level Domains

This week on HHour we cover hard hitting news events like the new Harry Potter social community, a dating web site for people too good to look at, the future of internet porn names, and the death of Spider-man (again). Diego fills in for Jon, Jesse sees the last Star Wars movie, and Emanuele takes over for Annie in our ears but not our hearts (yet).

HHour: Ed does LA, Jon does Bonnaroo, Everyone does a taco truck

Mobile food is the future people! Ed recounts meeting stars like John Hodgman and Star Burns (who he didn’t really actually meet). Jon gets tricked into liking Nickelback at America’s largest music festival. Everyone regales with tales of local area food trucks. Mmmm. Giveaways, a little chaotic. Always pleasurable.

HHour: Pigtails vs. Darth Vader, Rapture Gets Wet

An episode of HHour as silly as any before it. Jon debates finer points of pig tails, and a caller gives empirical support that pigtails means mo money. J-wize runs down empire, and sleeps through Return of the Jedi 3 times. The french discover a new earth like planet, and ed insults everyone besides america. A very ordinary hhour, except for the loads of special guests. Listen Now!

HHour: Rapture, Star Wars First Views, Laser Discs

It’s the end of the world, as we know it; according to some Bible Math guy, but if we survive, we’ll have this commemorative episode where we introduce Theme&Variation (again, they’ve been on before), and promo their upcoming show at the Loft, Jesse views Star Wars for the first time, and Jon berates he for waiting this long.
Also, we talk about The Message, in a hop hop hip kinda way. “Yo Moses, bringda Ark of the Covenant.” “Sorry, Dawg, I can’t without the proppa Oven Mitt.”

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