Author Davey Segal

Davey Segal is a junior journalism major from Rockville, Md. and has been a part of Impact Sports since September of 2013 of his freshman year. He grew up watching cars turn left and now he covers them for Impact Sports (weird, right?). He also covers the Spartan basketball team on the hardwood, baseball team on the diamond, as well as various other Spartan sports. In the world of podcasting, he hosts “Victory Lane” covering NASCAR, co-hosts “Impact Izzone” covering MSU hoops, the “Coast-to-Coast Report” holding down the East region and appears weekly on “The Pact” every Sunday morning. He was featured in an issue of ESPN The Magazine for being a Kevin Harvick superfan, so he’s definitely cooler than you. But you should actually feel bad and laugh at him, because all of his D.C. sports teams are cursed. Seriously. He hopes to end up covering his passion of NASCAR as a multimedia reporter (and run in circles to report on it just like the drivers).

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