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VIDEO PREMIERE: Passalacqua – “I Do My Other Thing” (Live @ MSU Union)

Detroit hip-hop duo Passalacqua came through MSU a few weeks back to open for Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers. These dudes have such high energy and absolutely killed it with their full set at the show. Here’s one of their songs from the evening, “I Do My Other Thing”. Check it out!

More Passalacqua:

From The Vault: Twin Peaks “Strawberry Smoothie” (Live @ WDBM)

Another great video that we dug up from our vaults here at the Impact. Twin Peaks came through our studios last August and we still had this one song just waiting to be released. Check out their performance of “Strawberry Smoothie” from the album Wild Onion!

For more Twin Peaks:

Video Premiere: Spartan Session: MSU Drumline

Remember that Nick Cannon movie Drumline? Well we basically did the same thing with Michigan State University’s own Drumline. Personally, we think MSU performed better. Check out the latest installment of our Spartan Session series!

For more Drumline:

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Twin Peaks – “Fade Away” (Live @ WDBM)

Twin Peaks is a four piece group from the Chicago area. They definitely fall into the Rock ‘n’ Roll category, and blend a bit of a real heavy pop to their music. From bar chords to funk bass licks and all the way to quick guitar solos, Twin Peaks is simply great and their performance at our studio proved it. Watch them kill it here at the WDBM studios with their song “Fade Away”.

For more Twin Peaks:

Common Ground 2014: Photo Gallery

We sent our photographers to Common Ground Music Festival to conduct some field research on the facial appearances of artists during a performance. The evidence they collected proves that artists do indeed make the weirdest of faces on stage. We believe this strange effect to be a direct result of the passion musically inclined individuals feel while performing. But, our research continues.

Check out our gallery of enthusiastic facial expressions we captured during Common Ground Music Festival of artists like Say Anything, Big Sean, Dr. Dog and The Orwells.

Artists: You Blew It, Say Anything, Circa Survive, Violent Femmes, The Wailers, Berner, Chevy Woods, Ace Hood, Machine Gun Kelly, Hitman & Dj Klaverflav, Big Sean, Jukebox the Ghost, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Dr. Dog, The Orwells, Royal Teeth, X Ambassadors, Fitz and the Tantrums, Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers, Earth Wind & Fire



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