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A Final Night With The Hard Lessons

A Final Night With The Hard Lessons

Saturday night was probably just a normal winter night for most on campus. Some probably went out to parties while others stayed inside to study or relax. A select few experienced something different on Saturday. Those select few experienced a homecoming and a farewell to some homegrown heroes.
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How To Soundtrack Your Indie Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing two good friends tie the knot. The reception was full of clinking glasses, good people, tears of joy, and dancing.  I’m 6’7″ and all legs, so when someone sees me for the first time, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind isn’t “dancer”. I will forgive them for making that assumption right away: I am a fantastic dancer (and modest too!). But I digress, amongst all of the good times I couldn’t help but notice the music that was playing: it was great party/dancing music. They gave the people what they wanted as far as classics go. Moves were busted to a few Michael Jackson gems,  “Brick House” and “Let’s Get It On” were some of the memorable songs of the night. Read More…

Impact First Tuesdays

Are you an MSU student and interested in being a DJ at your favorite station? Not that you need an excuse to come hang out with the coolest people in town, but now you have one! Starting February 1st and continuing on the first Tuesday of every month, The Impact is starting a new tradition! Pencil WDBM in your evening schedule from 7:30-9:30 and come get to know everyone who works at the IMPACT, play some cards or video games, eat some pizza and have a great time! You can meet all of our fantastic employees and learn how you can get involved!

You can be cool just like these guys!

Something To Look Forward To

2010 was a great year for music; it’s hard to say what could possibly top it. But some artists are looking to try, and here are some releases that Impact staff member Noah Gebstadt thinks could do the trick.

Top Songs of 2010


Hopefully you had the chance to listen to the countdown on NYE/Day, but in case you missed it, here is the definitive list of the top 89 songs of 2010 as chosen by our DJs and staff!

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Top Albums of 2010 – Elise Yoon

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff.  Today’s list is from Elise Yoon.  Elise hosts the Asian Invasion on Mondays from 8-10pm, has interviewed artists like Hot Chip and Julian Casablancas, and is currently the video director at WDBM.

The Gorillaz, The Apples In Stereo, and Kanye West all put out albums this past year with real narratives, the kind of album you listen to nonstop for weeks.  My favorite kind of album is one that you can get lost in, and 2010 was a good year for these albums.  While these stories are all distinct, they each took over my music listening in the same way, overshadowing other albums without such strong narratives.

1. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach (Virgin)
I’ve always been a fan of Gorillaz hits like “Clint Eastwood” (all the way from 2001, already!), “19-2000” or “Feel Good, Inc.”, but I’ve never gotten into the deeper cuts from their albums.  It wasn’t until my brother got really into this album and played some songs for me that I became interested.  This album is such a departure from previous releases, while at the same time keeping in line with the classic Gorillaz narrative and spacey, electronic sound.  Plastic Beach is full of unexpected but great collaborations with a wide range of artists from Mos Def to Lou Reed to Bobby Womack to Snoop Dogg to Little Dragon to the National Orchestra for Arabic Music.
The first track transports you to another world, and in the following track, Snoop Dogg confirms this: “Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach”.  “Superfast Jellyfish” is probably my most-listened to song of the year.  It’s not only catchy musically, but is a clever commentary without being preachy or annoying.  Last spring I became so immersed in this album that I would listen to nothing else for a month straight.  I definitely recommend this album, regardless of your musical leanings, it manages to integrate a wide variety of genres while remaining cohesive.
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Top Albums of 2010 – Brian Garcia

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff.  The author of the list featured today is Brian Garcia, host of Sit or Spin that airs on Sundays from 8 to 10pm. To hear more from Brian, you can keep up with his blog at

1. Flying Louts – Cosmogramma
The true test of a record is what the perceived “life” of it will be. What I mean by that is how you can listen to it before getting sick of it, whether it is two weeks or 5 years from now. There are a lot of records I’ve enjoyed in 2010, some quickly forgotten about after my hard drive crashed last spring or I just heard something else. But if there had to be one record that burrowed deep into my music listening consciousness this year, it is undoubtedly Flying Lotus’ third LP, Cosmogramma. Whether it was driving around blasting it on my crappy speakers in my Ford Focus late at night, waiting on an L stop in Bronzeville, Chicago, or letting it be the background music while studying on the second floor of the library, it fit every situation. This record is 2010.
Stephen Ellison, the Echo Park DJ otherwise known as Flying Lotus, creates a complex universe of space rhythms that loosely resemble what you could call hip-hop. But if you did, that’d be dramatically undercutting it. I like to think of it as the true modern take on Electro-funk, something Afrika Bambaataa could have only dreamt about. The deeply interwoven layers of music in Cosmogramma consist of elements of jazz, dub, funk, dance and hip-hop straight from the school of J Dilla. And if you look at the album cover long enough, you might just “see your entire future in front of you” – or whatever that quote from Almost Famous is.

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Top Albums of 2010 – Matt Revers

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff. Today’s list comes to you courtesy of Matt Revers.  Matt is our on-site correspondent, reviewing shows and interviewing artists like Dan Mangan, Chris Bathgate, and Mountain Man.

Author’s Note: This is not a list of the best albums of the year. This is not a list of what I think are the best album of the year. This is a list of my favorite albums of the year.

Beach House - Teen Dream
Beach House has been making consistently dreamy, far-off music that shimmers intimately ever since their self-titled debut in 2006. Teen Dream is a logical progression following their last two albums, and is their best release to date. Their magic is continually powerful, even if a bit formulaic (electronic drum beat, sparkly synth, electric guitar picking, reverb vocals). Every track feels like it belongs, and the bedroom feel never gets dull after repeated listens.

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Top Albums of 2010 – Nick Van Huis

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff. Today, we check in with Nick Van Huis.  In addition to co-hosting The Progressive Torch and Twang on Tuesdays from 8pm-midnight, Nick helps manage the music review team.

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

No album that featured vaguely African guitars or close knit vocal harmonies (trust me there were plenty to come out this year) mesmerized me more than Local Natives’ debut album Gorilla Manor.  Engaging you from the beginning, there are no sleepers on this album.  Gorilla Manor, named after the house that the band members shared, sounds just like that: a band who knows each others’ ins and outs.  Though the band features three songwriters, the album works as one cohesive unit shifting seamlessly from the epic blues stomp of “Sun Hands” to the instrospective “Airplanes”, and from the folk rock rambler “World News” to the epic indie pop of “Who Knows, Who Cares”.

See also my interview with Local Natives here.

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Top Albums of 2010 – Autumn Maison

Every day this week, Impact 89FM will post a list of favorite albums from a different member of our music staff. Today, we take a look at the favorites of our music director, Autumn Maison.
This year, I was listening to music for two!  In August, I had a baby, and so that kind of changed my perception of music.  Emotional preggo hormones made music more enjoyable, and having a son makes it more fun to dance like a fool and sing really stupidly. I am an entertainer now!  Basically, a lot of my reviews are going to mention him or being pregnant, and now you have context.

1.    The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt (Dead Oceans)
Easy choice. Hands down, my favorite album that was released this year. I think this strays so far from what I normally consider appealing that once I heard it, I just fell in love with it.  The Wild Hunt is really simple musically, and so it was a great album to get crazy-emotional-hormone-crying over.  A lot of the criticism I hear regarding this album is that “Dylan did it so much better”, and while I’m not refuting the similarities, I think that The Wild Hunt is fantastic in its own regard.

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