Author Ashanti Seabron

Ashanti Lee Seabron is a senior communications major from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He rejoined Impact Sports in the spring of 2016 after a year-long stint with the State News. He was a member of the inaugural Impact Sports crew during the spring and fall of 2014. He is a co-founder/ current host of Impact Sports’s newest podcast “The Bandwagon” and was also a host of “The Pact” during the summer of 2016. Along with Impact Sports, he also works for Spartan Sports Network in East Lansing, Michigan. While he’s known as a pure NBA enthusiast, Ashanti is always ready to talk sports and does so with infamous and eccentric passion. Whether you love him or you hate him, Ashanti Lee Seabron is The Most Unique Man in the World, and embraces that title and Impact Sports to the absolute fullest.


Zane D’Souza, Zachary Swiecicki, and Ashanti Seabron join for The Bandwagon’s 21st (episode). Impact’s Lions…

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