Pity Party Playlist – 8/13/14


Pity Party Playlist – 8/13/14

the hotelier – your deep rest

run, forever – headlights

daylight – in on it

aficionado – everything was right

joan of arc – gin & platonic

better off – 1991 (alive)

speedy ortiz – pioneer spine

brave bird – tminusgrandgesture

secret grief – i thought that you would change

captain we’re sinking – beer can

saosin – it’s so simple

foxing – bit by a dead bee pt ii

camera shy – over and over

cloakroom – dream journal

the mineral girls – connecticut girls.

citizen – silo

la dispute – stay happy there

adventures – i feel so sure

dikembe – even bother

tiny moving parts – always focused

the get up kids – holiday

dismemberment plan – the city

radiator hospital – are you feelin me?

waxahatchee – hollow bedroom

tigers jaw – gypsy

alkaline trio – stupid kid

tiny empires – what’s the plan, phil

special explosion – lifeguard

copeland – walking downtown

lemuria – yesterday’s lunch

stay ahead of the weather – butchering a back catalog

basement – covet

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