Thee Hourz O’ Power – 7/31/2014

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Satan – (Into the Fire) Trial By Fire

Judas Priest – Battle Cry

Mastodon – Ol’e Nessie

Alestorm – Drink

Wastelander – Desert Law

Virgin Snatch – Deprive of Dignity

Death – God of Thunder (KISS cover)

Overkill – King of the Rat Bastards

Amon Amarth – Death in Fire

Arch Enemy – Never Forgive, Never Forget

Death – Leprosy

Vainaja – Väärän Ristin Valtakunta


Hearse – In Love and War

Six Feet Under – War Machine (KISS cover)

Behemoth – Be Without Fear

Emperor – Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times

Electric Wizard – I Am Nothing

Entombed – But Life Goes On

Bloodbath – Eaten

Genocya – Hatred in the Flesh

Svartur Dödur – Nässelmannen

Deströyer 666 – I Am The Wargod (Ode to the Battle Slain)


Misery Index – Urfaust

Misery Index – The Calling

Misery Index – The Oath

Misery Index – Conjuring the Call

Misery Index – The Harrowing

Misery Index – The Killing Gods

Misery Index – Cross to Bear

Misery Index – Gallows Humor

Misery Index – The Weakener

Misery Index – Sentinels

Misery Index – Colony Collapse

Misery Index – Heretics

Orhorho – Untitled 1

Heathens –  Morning

Dumal – Bury Me With Satan


Bathory – Blood Fire Death

Borknagar –  The Winterway

Oberion – Extending the Horizon

Absu – Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle

Mayhem – Freezing Moon

Cannibal Corpse – Murder Worship

Ed Gein – Christianity as Foreign Policy

Repulsion – Stench of Burning Death

Brutal Truth – Hypocrite Invasion

Lifelover – M/S Salmonella


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