Sit or Spin 6/29/14




The last Sit or Spin for Brittany, Kyle, and Michelle (but only for three weeks). We were digging The Donkeys, SALES, and Young Liars but not so much on Peter Matthew Bauer and Groenland.

Nothing by The Donkeys – spin

Vow by SALES – spin

Scientology Airplane Conversation by Peter Matthew Bauer – sit

Had It All by Allah-Lahs – spin

We Are the Children by Nova & the Experience – spin

Our Last Shot by Groenland – sit

Half Bad by White Reaper – spin

Don’t Take Me Seriously by Flashlights – spin

Careful, I Was Every Sin by Guides – spin

The Body, It Bends by A Sunny Day In Glasgow – spin

Better Half by SLAVVE – sit

Such A Drag by Say Hi – spin

Warm Beds by Scarves – sit

Nice Chaps, Buddy by The Ladies – sit

An Odyssey Love by Young Liars – spin

Childhood Faith in Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay the Same) by How To Dress Well – spin


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