Asian Music Mondays 06/23/2014


Tonight we’re featuring some more songs to get you pumped for the World Cup!  We’ll also hear the latest from PSY, Davichi, and lots of great summer themed songs!

Nancy Arjam – “شجع حلمك / Shejea Helmak (feat. شاب خالد Cheb Khaled)” (Coca-Cola cheer song for 2014 FIFA World Cup)
PSY – “Hangover (feat. Snoop Dogg)”
Kai Takahashi – “Cannibal”
Roy Kim 로이킴 – “봄봄봄 / BOM BOM BOM”
Soda Green 苏打绿 – “他夏了夏天 / Summer! Summer!”
Fish Leong 静茹 – “宁夏 / A Peaceful Summer”
Ono Lisa 小野リサ – “Rasa Sayang / A Loving Feeling”
Davichi – “헤어졌다 만났다 / Again”
Girls Generation – “힘내! / Way to Go!”
Ikimono Gakari いきものがかり  – “夏色惑星 / Summer Planet”
Mongol800 – “小さな恋のうた / A Small Love Song”
Yuna Kim 유나킴 – “이젠 없이도 / Without You Now (Feat. Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, Bizzy)”
Gu Feng 谷峰 – “Go Brazil Goal”
alan – “Swear”
Mayday 五月天 – “盛夏光年 / Eternal Summer”

Brown Eyed Girls – “ 여름 밤의 / A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
PARADOX – “ฤดูร้อน / Summer”
Atari Kousuke 中孝介 – “夏夕空 / Summer Evening Sky”
Lee Seung Gi – “여행을떠나요 / Let’s Go On Vacation”
f(x) – “Hot Summer” (by request)
Park Myung Soo and SNSD Jessica – “냉면 / Naengmyun (Cold Noodles)”
Hyuna – “Ice Cream”
Jay Chou – “千里之外 / Faraway (feat Fei Yu-Ching)” (by request)
Nancy Ajram – “ما تيجي هنا Ma Tagi Hena / Come Over Here!”
Lee Junghyun 이정현 “Summer Dance”
Jay Chou – “Orange Jasmine”
Yuzu ゆず – “夏色 / Summer Scenery”
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “马德里不思议 / A Wonder in Madrid”
Kimura Yumi 木村弓 – “いつも何度ても / Always”

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