Sit or Spin 6/22/14

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Lots of fabulous arguments about Say Anything, Lana Del Rey, and alt-J tonight on Sit or Spin. These boys had some serious opinions.

The Wild Life by Vacationer – spin

Cold in the Winter by Scenic Route to Alaska – sit

Hotel by The Antlers – spin

Wire Frame Mattress by The Wytches – sit

My Greatest Fear Is Splendid by Say Anything – spin

Fast Food by Cerebral Ballzy – spin

Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) by Tom Vek – spin

Turn up the Radio by OK Go – sit

From The Halfway Line by Alexis Taylor – sit/spin for Afterglow

Shades Of Cool by Lana Del Rey – sit

Hunger Of The Pine by alt-J – spin

Got 2 Let U by The Knife – spin

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