Thee Hourz O’ Power – 5/22/2014

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Iron Maiden – Prowler

Sabaton – To Hell and Back

Kvelertak – Nekrokosmos

Danzig – Am I Demon?

Cynic – The Lion’s Roar

Flood the Desert – Pyramid in the Sky

Amiensus – I Am

Ghost Bath – Torment

Amon Amarth – Pursuit of Vikings

Kever – Eon of Cycling Death

Death – Open Casket


Blut aus Nord – Fathers of the Icy Age

Judas Priest – March of the Damned

Arkona – Serbia

Blind Guardian – And Then There Was Silence

Eyehategod – Agitation! Propaganda!

Crowbar – Walk with Knowledge Wisely

Down – Conjure

Swans – Weakling

Heathens – The Return


Vainaja – Lankeemus

Vainaja – Väärän ristin valtakunta

Vainaja – Kahleiden kantaja

Vainaja – Valon lapset

Vainaja – Henkikaste

Vainaja – Verinen lähde

Vainaja – Risti kädessäni

Vainaja – Viimeinen tuomio

Vainaja – Kadotettu

Midnight – The Final Rape of Night

Dark Winter – Amidst the Winterplague

Orhorho – Untitled 1

Blotted Science – Synaptic Plasticity


Brutal Truth – Hypocrite Invasion

Wormrot – Compulsive Disposition

Exodus – Strike of the Beast

Gojira – Satan is a Lawyer

Dumal – Twilight’s Hammer

Jesu – Silver

Cult of Luna – Crossing Over

Burzum – Det Som Engang Var

Trepanation – Rite of Taghairm

Marduk – Infernal Eternal


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