Pity Party – 5/21/14

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Thanks for tuning in to Kyle’s guest show of Pity Party.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

The Lonely Forest – Coyote

A Day At the Fair – The Lost, The Lucky

The Weakerthans – Plea From a Cat Named Virtue

Two Tongues – Crawl

Fugazi – No Surprise

Seahaven – On the Floor

Stay Ahead of the Weather – Impressions & Impressing People

Transit – Sleep

Up Up Down Down Left RIght Left Right B A Start – I’m Growing Out

Lovedrug – Angels with Enemies

Braid – Consolation Prizefighter

Halfway to Holland – Eight

Glocca Morra – Apocalyptic Showdown

Tangled Hair – Just Like That

Manchester Orchestra – Colly Strings

Annabel – Sleeping Lions

Mae – Runaway

Bayside – They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns

Glassjaw – Pink Roses

Hidden In Plain View – Twenty Below

Brand New – The Archer’s Bows Are Broken

Weatherbox – Wolftank, Doff thy Name

Hot Water Music – Not For Anyone

Kid Kilowatt – Radio Pow for Now

Boys Night Out – The First Time It Shouldn’t Taste Like Blood

Their/They’re/There – End and End

Cursive – The Sun and Moon

The Summer We Went West – Jackson Hole, Wy

Brave Bird – Rekindle

Legs Like Tree Trunks – Hoods Up

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